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August 2011
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Wednesday31 17:00 Barça have beaten four Champions League teams
14:48 "The ongoing challenge is to maintain the excellence "
14:15 New organization chart for the Football Section
13:29 Hleb to Wolfsburg on loan
10:45 Joint session with the B team gallery
10:10 Spanish League Round Up Week 2
Tuesday30 18:33 Internationals off again
18:24 Guardiola to attend Elite Coaches’ Forum
12:59 Messi’s 101 goals at the Camp Nou
12:15 Paris game was key for Valdés
11:50 Stats reveal Barça superiority
Monday29 23:57 Guardiola’s tactical lessons
23:46 Valdés equals Zubi’s record
23:06 "With Messi it’s easier being a striker"
12:16 Villarreal, a tough opponent for Guardiola
Sunday28 22:06 "Starting off winning gives you confidence"
20:00 Four B team players in Sunday training gallery
12:00 72 years without home debut defeat
Saturday27 20:22 Puyol starts full training gallery
20:09 Adriano out for league opener
16:51 Zubi puts success down to hard work, humility and respect‬
12:59 Spanish League Preview Week 1
Friday26 23:58 “This is a unique generation of players”
23:43 MVP Iniesta: “it looks easy, but it isn’t”
23:35 Rosell: “We’ve got two titles in the bag”
23:15 Xavi – record title winner
22:59 Kings of Europe
12:12 Barça-Porto: history just on Barça’s side
11:45 An old rival and two new faces
Thursday25 19:11 Leo Messi, player of the year in Europe gallery
18:33 Milan, Bate and Pilsen in Barça’s group
14:54 Guardiola: “It’s an excellent final”
14:47 Cesc: “They have a similar style to our own”
13:01 Players strike cancelles
12:55 Montoya picked for Spain by Del Bosque
10:35 Monaco, where it started for Pedro
10:00 22 possible Champions League rivals
Wednesday24 13:53 Messi’s pending challenge
13:00 2 days to the game in Monaco
12:55 The five alternatives to Piqué and Puyol
Tuesday23 21:41 Piqué out for three weeks
19:41 Alexis and Maxwell work with the group gallery
Monday22 23:40 “I’ve still got a lot to learn”
23:23 Young players thrilled
20:29 Champions League presentation gallery
15:15 New recognition for Messi and Barça
13:05 Cesc and Alexis delight supporters clubs
10:33 Alexis works with the group gallery
Sunday21 18:46 Napoli train in Ciutat Esportiva gallery
Saturday20 20:21 LeBron James, with the first team gallery
17:18 Napoli: The sensation of the Calcio
10:30 Maxwell trains for part of the group session gallery
Friday19 20:44 Photo shoot with great atmosphere gallery
15:51 Generation of 87
10:37 Cesc: "I haven’t come to retire Xavi" gallery
Thursday18 14:18 Alves: “This Supercup was vital”
02:02 “Eternal, legendary, unrepeatable and honest”
01:44 Xavi: “Justice was done”
01:28 Cesc Fabregas marks his debut with a trophy
Tuesday16 22:06 "We'll have to play a great game"
14:00 A home-grown eleven
13:56 Cesc unbeaten against Real Madrid
Monday15 20:09 First Barça training session for Cesc gallery
15:25 Cesc Fàbregas: "It’s the toughest challenge of my life"
15:15 Bartomeu: "The final push was given by the player"
14:07 Number 4 shirt for Fàbregas! gallery
12:30 Cesc Fabregas signs until 2016 gallery
Sunday14 23:59 Rosell tells fans “we need you to come”
23:58 Guardiola: “We made a titanic effort”
23:58 Alexis Sánchez: “I’m very happy with my debut”
22:58 Initial agreement for Cesc Fàbregas
22:55 Fàbregas: Guaranteed versatility
12:01 Did you know...
Saturday13 12:39 Guardiola: "It's a final: no excuses"
11:02 Whole squad to Madrid gallery
10:48 Indispensable at the Bernabéu
Friday12 16:36 Outright leader
16:27 Three players hoping for Bernabéu debut
12:45 “The Supercup is a vital trophy”
10:51 Piqué partly trains with group
Thursday11 20:30 International players back for training session gallery
19:52 Sergio and Piqué under treatment
19:03 "Super Cup result not a marker for the rest of the season"
12:55 Guardiola unbeaten at the Bernabeu
Wednesday10 23:48 Good displays from Barça internationals
12:34 Pedro: "We have another important challenge"
11:47 Three friendlies with ten Barça players
11:10 Latest training session with lots missing gallery
Tuesday09 23:23 “We didn’t deserve such punishment”
20:25 15 players for evening training gallery
13:08 Dominant in Supercup
11:03 Fontàs joins the group gallery
11:02 First Liga kick offs confirmed
Monday08 23:49 Team pride key for Eusebio
20:02 Keita joins evening training gallery
12:08 Week of work ahead of Super Cup clash
11:13 Alexis enjoys first day’s work gallery
Sunday07 12:11 Barça back home gallery
00:52 More than 212,694 watch tour live
Saturday06 23:52 Guardiola: “the mind can do anything”
23:47 "I’ll play where Guardiola wants me to”
18:00 “The truth is that I never expected to get this far”
10:21 Welcome to The Cowboys Stadium gallery
Friday05 23:45 Villa reckons Wembley goal was his most important
10:53 Dallas, city of champions
10:14 Training moved to Cowboys Stadium video
Thursday04 22:22 Guardiola will call on reserves to cover for Milito
22:06 “We need to find new motivations”
20:54 Piqué: “Guardiola is key to our success” gallery
20:20 Milito bids farewell after 10 titles
20:15 Milito allowed to leave
19:12 Dallas –last stop on Tour gallery
14:48 Open letter from Jeffren Suárez
13:57 Jeffren to sign for Sporting de Portugal
13:34 Muniesa out for three weeks
12:01 Oriol Romeu signs for Chelsea
05:53 Guardiola: “losing 1-4 is a step backwards”
04:47 Once again the fans turn out in big numbers
Wednesday03 17:03 Zubi emphasises the commitment to youth
16:06 "Our obligation is to win"
Tuesday02 19:23 Barça players meet dolphins gallery
17:06 Adriano: “We’ll be at 100 per cent on the 14th”
15:49 Muniesa and Adriano return gallery
13:17 “I feel more and more proud of Barça”
Monday01 20:45 Jeffren given permission to go to Portugal
19:43 The secrets of football gallery
17:35 “The Super Cup? It’s good to start on a winning note”
16:45 Barça train in Miami gallery
10:56 Kobe Bryant meets Barça players gallery
10:30 Tour reaches Miami gallery
January 1970
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Tenth Spanish Super Cup gallery

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