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More than 212,694 watch tour live

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07.08.2011 00:52

More than 212,694 watch tour live

David Saura (enviat especial)

The three games played by Barša in the USA attracted a total of 212,694 people, an impressive figure that reflects the interest in the team in North America.

More than 212,694 watch tour live

In memory of Jes˙s Farga
Before the game, a minute’s silence was respected in honour of the late Jes˙s Farga, who was a member of the FC Barcelona board on different occasions. The players also wore black armbands as a sign of their mourning.
The attendance for Barša’s final game of the tour in Dallas was 60,807, meaning the 63,000 seats were almost all filled, which is especially impressive given the afternoon start (15.00). Barša fans were the majority, although there were also plenty of yellow America shirts to be seen in the stands. As is common in the US, there were plenty of people gathered around the stadium long before kickoff, enjoying the typical pre-march barbecues.

Wonderful stadium

The venue in Arlington (Texas) is not only huge, but also offers all kinds of amenities. The most outstanding features include the huge 1,000 m2 screen, the huge entrance walkways, the plentiful catering facilities and the massive seats.

Comparable with 2009

The 60,807 people at this game can be added to the 81,807 in Washington DC for the Manchester United match and the 70,080 in Miami to see FCB play Chivas Guadalajara. That makes for a total of 212,694 spectators, a figure only slightly shy of the 221,557 that saw Barcelona play in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco in 2009.

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