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July 2008
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Thursday31 22:00 Welcome to Chicago gallery
13:52 Xavi, aiming for goal video
12:40 40.428 spectators in the ‘Artemio Franchi’
11:48 Oleguer's low key goodbye
09:00 Messi, heading to Peking
Wednesday30 23:52 Guardiola: "I am very satisfied"
23:46 Alves: "All the players contributed so much"
Tuesday29 19:49 26 players in the list
16:54 Oleguer signs for Ajax
16:47 From Gramanet to Paris gallery
14:38 Eto’o cleared on injury concerns
12:59 Touré senses concentration and unity video
10:24 28 men in the Miniestadi gallery
Monday28 19:06 Squad training at the Miniestadi
18:02 From Florence to the USA
14:15 Iniesta is happy with new system video
12:29 Eleven goals and seven stars
10:10 First session in a tough week gallery
Sunday27 11:30 A week of travel and games
10:00 Video to correct and motivate
Saturday26 20:32 Messi pleased with strength and unity
20:00 "It has been an excellent week"
19:20 Alves' diary (V)
Friday25 20:02 Alves' Diary (IV)
15:03 Xavi: "The level of demand is very high" video
13:37 Recovery work gallery
Thursday24 23:25 Guardiola delighted with opening performance
15:13 Alves’ diary (III)
12:37 Puyol ready to suffer and enjoy later video
12:17 Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta get training gallery
11:03 A special day for the five new arrivals
10:52 Abidal keen to give something to the fans video
Wednesday23 17:27 Alves' Diary (II)
14:30 Henrique goes from Barça to Bayer Leverkusen
13:21 Hleb: "I like the training here"
12:30 Centre back with a future
12:04 Xavi, Puyol and Iniesta declared fit gallery
10:03 Pre-season with three keepers video
Tuesday22 23:57 Maximum intensity
19:07 Ronaldinho grateful
18:33 Henrique: “I am happy to make this step” video
17:26 Alves’ Diary (I)
14:31 Henry just wants to score video
12:20 Agreement between Barça and Ajax
12:13 Henrique arrives today in Barcelona
Monday21 18:52 Sylvinho adapting easily to Guardiola
13:58 The team heads off to Scotland gallery
11:50 Vilanova: "I am very proud of this team" video
09:34 From La Masia to Saint Andrews gallery
Sunday20 12:54 Touré Yaya, a complete turnaround video
10:00 Hleb: “The way Barça plays is great” gallery
Saturday19 14:00 Alves: “I’m used to being under pressure” video
13:02 All about the Saint Andrews trip
10:40 No rest on Saturday at La Masía gallery
10:15 Medical check-ups for Alves, Keita and Eto'o
Friday18 14:05 Eto’o, Keita and Alves back on Saturday
12:45 Cáceres to play alongside his idols video
11:12 Milito off to Argentina
10:08 Physical and strength work video
Thursday17 22:46 Ronaldinho presented by Milan
18:19 Alexander Hleb: vini, vidi, vinci
13:50 Márquez feels sense of responsibility video
10:48 A change of scenery gallery
Wednesday16 22:23 Titles: a Belarusian obsession gallery
21:51 “We are confident we’ll have Messi” video
19:55 Hleb signs four-year deal
19:19 Pruna pleased with Hleb fitness
15:03 Hleb arrives in Barcelona gallery
14:30 Hleb will bring versatility
11:59 "Since I arrived, everything has been positive" video
09:25 The Brazilian magician gallery
09:24 Individual recognition gallery
09:14 The smile and the magic gallery
Tuesday15 23:56 Five unforgettable years
20:01 First contact with the ball gallery
19:29 Excitement surrounds first session
12:35 “We have to concentrate on an exciting project” video
10:32 Field test to complete examinations video
Monday14 19:22 First day back
18:46 Meeting about Ronaldinho’s future
14:27 “I’ve got the squad I need” video
12:59 First day of medicals gallery
12:52 Preseason gets underway
Sunday13 13:54 The youngest and the oldest
11:36 The 2008-09 Champions League begins
10:51 France remembers 98 World Cup
Saturday12 16:36 Double sessions in the Miniestadi
12:19 On the Gamper poster
10:24 16 back in on Monday video
Friday11 12:15 Seven up from the B team
11:45 Medical exams to kick off
Thursday10 17:20 A rejuvenated defence
Wednesday09 14:06 Three keepers in the squad
12:57 Plenty of movement
11:40 Brazilian tradition continues
Tuesday08 19:54 Ronaldinho, called upon for the 14th
13:16 Guardiola back in Italy
12:56 Ronaldinho in Olympic squad
Monday07 17:54 Fiorentina and Barça play charity match
Friday04 17:12 New team with old friends
14:28 Soriano: "The Barça is a club buyer" video
Thursday03 13:34 Alves delighted with Barça philosophy video
12:38 Piqué’s soul with Barça gallery
Wednesday02 14:08 Laporta: "We paid the market price" gallery
12:30 Alves aiming for title and Champions League gallery
Tuesday01 21:44 A busy day gallery
19:42 The perfect player for the right gallery
19:41 “It has brought morale and confidence”
18:35 Alves: “This is a very important challenge” gallery

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