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11.07.2008 11:45

Medical exams to kick off

Berta Brau / Vanessa Forns

FC Barcelona's first team will begin pre-season training on Monday and the players' first duty will be to attend medical and physical tests in groups of four throughout the day.

The 2008-09 is only weeks away and the hard work for the squad starts next week under the guidance of new coach Pep Guardiola, whose first task will be to see in what state they have returned from their holidays in. Not until Tuesday afternoon, once the exams are completed, will the players actually start to train properly once again. The squad will train in Barcelona for a week before travelling to Saint Andrews in Scotland for a five day stay, between July 21 and 26.

Focussing on the tests

On their first day back, all of Barcelona's stars will be focussed on the normal medical tests. At 8.30am they will have a basic analysis and then they will undergo varying levels of exams, including blood and urine samples, running, heart, strength and nutritional will all be gathered and taken away for the club's doctors to work on.

Groups of four

In order for the tests to run smoothly, the players will report in groups of four, who will go to Camp Nou between 9.15am and 2.30pm, and they will all be back in again between 4pm and 8pm.

Further assessment

The second morning of activity, on Tuesday, will take place behind closed doors in the Miniestadi. From 9.30am the whole squad will be tested on their strength, speed and resistance that will then allow Guardiola and his coaching staff to individually analyse each played and determine what specific training he may or may not require.

Medical exams to kick off
Already tested
The four players that the club have signed this summer underwent medicals before signing their contracts and joining the club. For that reason, Martín Cáceres, Gerard Piqué, Daniel Alves and Seydou Keita have already submitted all the necessary medical details to the club.

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