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January 2010
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Sunday31 17:59 Messi + Ibra + Pedro = 50 goals
17:44 Training session takes to the road
13:47 The facts behind the Sporting win video
Saturday30 23:05 Guardiola: “We were very solid” video
22:59 Márquez: “We did the job” video
11:41 Spanish League Preview Week 20
Friday29 14:56 Guardiola warns of Sporting danger at home video
13:13 Touré and Sergio to travel to Gijón video
13:02 Alves definitely out
11:40 Abelardo and Iván: Barça memories video
Thursday28 14:34 Bojan determined to keep fighting for a place video
14:05 Touré closes in on his century
13:01 Busquets on the way back; Alves on doubt video
Wednesday27 18:25 Training match gallery
16:57 Xavi defends Messi" over Ronaldo comparison video
13:13 It all began at El Molinon
11:31 Stats confirm Barça superiority
10:24 "Pep has taught me to enjoy myself playing football" video
Tuesday26 19:17 Tuesday training focuses on fitness video
18:44 Henry feels he’s on the up video
12:47 Ibra’s stats show his worth
11:51 Perfect reaction: 13-0
11:48 Henry, Márquez and Alves show support for Haití video
Monday25 14:27 Milito: “I still have to regain match fitness” video
14:22 Touré back on Thursday
12:32 Happy Birthday Xavi! gallery
11:58 Busquets on his way back gallery
11:11 Spanish League Roundup: Week 19
00:38 Touré packs his suitcases
Sunday24 14:02 First half stats
13:30 Puyol overtakes Rexach
12:48 Never behind in the league
Saturday23 23:03 Alves decisive
23:01 “Runs like this show the team’s true nature” video
22:23 Historic first half to the season
16:54 Spanish League Preview Week 19
Friday22 17:13 Henry helps Haiti video
12:03 Keita returns to the squad gallery
Thursday21 14:35 Ibra: “I can play much better” video
12:11 Best in history, according to IFFHS
11:49 Keita back with the team gallery
Wednesday20 15:26 Guardiola: "I feel strong enough to carry on" video
15:25 Unanimous response to decision
15:13 ”We have the best manager in the world for another season” video
14:25 Guardiola, icon of solidarity
14:23 Guardiola’s ten greatest moments gallery
13:35 Pep will stay for another season video
11:59 Barça dominate vote
11:44 Keita rejoins squad on Thursday
10:58 The 100 club
Tuesday19 13:44 “I think Guardiola’s renewal is imminent” video
12:05 Iniesta: 17 months unbeaten in the League
11:52 Back to work for squad video
Monday18 18:53 Spanish League Round Up Week 18
12:12 Joan Gamper training grounds bring success video
12:01 Messi eyes Golden Boot
Sunday17 18:38 Sergio Busquets to miss Valladolid match
14:13 Milito back where he belongs video
13:14 Messi: “It was a relief to get the goal” video
Saturday16 23:59 Winter Champions with authority
23:59 “Everybody did everything -that’s the way” video
23:58 Messi 101: the youngest centurion
23:58 Abidal: “We really put on a spectacle” video
20:57 Spanish League Preview Week 18
13:43 Last training session at Nou Camp
13:08 Guardiola visits the new Museum gallery
Friday15 15:07 Guardiola: “Focus is on Sevilla” video
12:23 Alves back in training gallery
Thursday14 17:37 The end of 21 perfect months
14:11 “We’ll fight for the League and the Champions” video
12:35 Light training without Alves gallery
10:30 Abidal: 100 games for Barça
Wednesday13 23:59 Guardiola: "I’m so proud of my players" video
23:58 "It makes you really angry seeing the second half" video
12:57 Xavi World’s Best Playmaker
Tuesday12 20:33 Guardiola: “We’ll give it our best effort” video
18:49 Guardiola calls up the big guns for Seville trip video
12:50 Congratulations Pedro!
12:45 Stats on Barca’s side
12:28 First leg defeat is something new
Monday11 16:27 Spanish League Round up Week 17
14:14 Iniesta: “I’ve got a good feeling” video
12:58 14 players train at the Ciutat Esportiva gallery
12:03 Second 5-0 win away
11:59 Messi-Bojan: a lethal connection video
Sunday10 23:55 Third hat-trick and top scorer
23:45 Guardiola: First goal was decisive video
23:18 Pedro: "We can bounce back against Sevilla" video
Saturday09 14:32 No credit unless we earn it video
12:56 Abidal, Thiago and Jonathan in squad of 19 gallery
11:27 Spanish League Preview Week 17
11:10 “There is more Barça than Madrid support here”
Friday08 13:23 Pedro: "It will be a very special game" video
12:16 Cold and windy training video
11:32 Guardiola named world’s best coach
Thursday07 16:24 Best team in the world according to IFHHS
14:07 Sergio: “Patience. The results will come” video
11:43 7,000 people on an unforgettable day video
Wednesday06 14:51 Cup history invites optimism
Tuesday05 23:59 Guardiola: "we can come back and win” video
23:58 Milito returns to competitive football
11:59 Márquez: “We can win in Seville” video
Monday04 13:52 “Sevilla is one of the big clubs” video
12:14 Preparing for the first game against Sevilla video
11:55 Cup history favours Barça
10:59 Spanish League Roundup: week 16
Sunday03 17:27 Busy week ahead
15:31 Pinto: “Worried – it’s not on my mind” video
14:33 Barça set another record
12:17 Messi back with the rest of the squad gallery
Saturday02 23:35 Tough opponents and a fair result video
23:33 Guardiola: “This will make us stronger” video
13:04 Latest training session
11:40 Spanish League Preview –Week 16
Friday01 21:53 Guardiola: “We have to work harder” video
20:20 Iniesta given the green light gallery

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