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05.01.2010 23:59

Guardiola: "we can come back and win”

Anna Segura

Josep Guardiola, admitted part of the responsibility for the defeat to Seville, but insisted: “we will go to Seville to try and win the tie”.

At what is really half time in the tie, Guardiola is confident that his team can come out overall winners when they travel to Seville next week: “we’ll pull it off – I’ve no doubt that we can come back and get through to the quarter finals, the important thing for us will be to attack and score goals”.

Self criticism

The Barca boss admitted his own part in the defeat, claiming: “we lost and I got it wrong. I choose the players and I take the decisions. Tonight they all ran their hearts out, but it’s true that some days there are players who do better and others who don’t do so well”. Guardiola also reckons that it’s not the first time he’s made mistakes, but in the past the results have tended to hide his errors.

Despite resting a number of regulars, Guardiola refused to accept that his squad was split into first teamers and fringe players: “I need all the players, the six titles we won were won by all the squad, not just 11 of them”.

Defending Chygrynskiy

2010-01-05_PARTIDO_14.JPGGuardiola knows how demanding the fans can be at the Nou Camp and he commented on the stick they handed out to Chygrynskiy during the game: “Dima is a fantastic player and really, the more the fans give him the bird, the better he’ll become – he’s here for the long term. I know the Stadium and I know how hard it can be, but he’ll come through it. It’s going to be hard for him because of where he comes from and the money we paid for him, but if anybody is responsible for that it’s me, not him”.


The good news tonight was the return of Gaby Milito after his long injury lay off and Guardiola commented: “it’s great news, the positive point of the day and I’m very happy for him”.

Thanks to the fans

Josep Guardiola also thanked the fans who turned up for the game despite the weather and the fact that January 5th is a traditional holiday in Catalonia: “I’d really like to thank all the 48,000 fans who came tonight”.
Guardiola: “we can come back and win”

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Laporta confident
President Joan Laporta was also confident about the team’s chances in the second leg: “the tie is over 180 minutes and the second part is still to play. We have a team capable of coming back. What’s done is done and we have to win the games on the pitch. We’ve had a start to the year bathed in the glory of our achievements last year and now coaches will sort out this slight problem and get us back on track. Barca in 2010 is the Barca we always are, playing good football, winning possession, fighting and respecting our opponents. I think we are in for a great season and results like tonight’s make us stronger”.

Before the game, Joan Laporta presented Jaume Descals Sanmartí with the club membership card number 1. Sr Descals, who has been a member since 1926 told Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat that this Tuesday had been one of the happiest in his life and he spoke warmly of the football of Kubala and Leo Messi.

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