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November 2010
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Tuesday30 17:40 Barça’s best ever showing after 13 games
14:40 Xavi: “It’s a day to enjoy” video
13:56 World press amazed by Barça gallery
12:46 22 in squad for Copa Catalunya video
12:16 5-0 win over Madrid in numbers
Monday29 23:59 Guardiola: “we are proud of how we did it” video
23:57 Fourth 5-0 win over the eternal rival gallery
23:53 Five out of five for Guardiola
23:52 Villa: “A perfect day” video
22:58 Leaders again, 197 later
13:15 Guardiola sticks to routine gallery
11:47 Barça v Madrid: Did you know…?
Sunday28 21:28 Guardiola: "It will not be decisive" video
19:10 Focus on el clásico video
10:40 The game of the century… on Monday
10:40 Ten reasons for optimism
Saturday27 14:27 Puyol ready to give everything video
12:16 Training in the cold video
11:37 Messi useful against Madrid
11:33 Masche & Xabi: two Reds meet again
Friday26 17:44 Remember, remember.... the end of November!
11:47 Summer signings records against Madrid
11:03 Mascherano no stranger to big matches
Thursday25 19:08 First session to focus on Monday gallery
18:42 Mascherano: “the whole world stops for this game” video
14:32 Eight Barça Players in FIFA’s World XI shortlist
13:46 The five untouchables
12:17 Guardiola: 4 out of 4 against Madrid video
11:51 The day Leo made his debut against Mourinho video
Wednesday24 23:37 Adriano pleased to play and win video
22:37 First place secured
14:06 Tsartas praises Guardiola video
11:10 Panathinaikos vs FCB: did you know... video
Tuesday23 20:14 Abidal gets medical clearance video
19:11 “We’ll put out the best team we can” video
18:40 Busquets: “We have a lot to play for” video
12:51 Barça back in Athens five years later gallery
11:46 Zubizarreta considers Champions League vital video
Monday22 17:45 Spanish League Round Up Week 12
15:04 Mascherano challenges stereotype
13:21 Guardiola calls up 20 players video
13:03 Bojan: "Wednesday’s game is key" video
Sunday21 16:47 Plan of a long week
13:00 Messi keeps on smashing records
12:16 Almería curiosities
Saturday20 23:32 Fontàs: "The result was incredible" video
23:29 Best ever away win start equalled
22:40 Guardiola: “This is the way forward” video
10:30 Spanish League Preview Week 12
Friday19 14:40 Guardiola: "I do not want to underestimate Almería" video
12:52 Pinto the only doubt for Almería video
10:57 Five years since Ronaldinho's Bernabéu display gallery
Thursday18 18:47 Internationals back video
18:06 Iniesta focussed on Almeria video
14:37 Julià: “it’s an attractive tie”
14:26 Twentieth Cup meeting
13:10 Cup draw pits Barça against Bilbao
Wednesday17 17:00 Draw with no seeds and quality teams
11:57 Last session without internationals video
11:51 Top class internationals
11:19 Afellay: seventh signing from PSV video
Tuesday16 20:33 Zubi: “Afellay has Barça DNA” video
14:36 Messi nominated for Puskas Award
12:25 Minimum turnout for training video
11:01 Afellay to become 19th Dutch star gallery
Monday15 21:43 Agreement with PSV for Afellay signing
21:40 Dutch Speed and Skill on the Wing
17:54 Spanish League Round Up Week 11
13:12 Fourteen different scorers
12:14 Iniesta enjoying great form
11:26 One more point than last season
Sunday14 17:26 Players get break till Tuesday
13:35 Puyol: “I’m only half way through!” video
Saturday13 23:59 Iniesta: “we really worked hard” video
23:57 Guardiola: “I value this win very highly” video
23:31 Zubi: “We are working on the option of Afellay”
14:32 Messi meets up with Kyle Loza video
12:07 Spanish League Preview – week 11
Friday12 14:37 Guardiola: “It will be a very good game” video
11:45 B team defenders feature in training video
Thursday11 13:26 First team back at the Miniestadi video
13:10 Maxwell not worried about Madrid date video
12:46 Players in their Sunday best video
11:18 Fact file Barca vs Ceuta
11:12 Barça-Madrid game fixed for 29th November
Wednesday10 23:58 Millito out for four to six weeks
23:56 “We passed with flying colours” video
23:55 Bojan: "One never forgets how to score" video
11:19 Rested players train video
Tuesday09 14:26 Guardiola: “We don’t throw games away here” video
12:37 Puyol approaches the 500 mark video
12:06 17 picked to face Ceuta video
10:41 Two games and Official Photo this week
Monday08 20:16 League Round Up Week 10
14:33 Best League team of the decade
13:45 Guardiola one victory away from 100 video
12:22 Pedro: “I’m in good form right now” video
12:02 Fact file Getafe vs Barça
11:47 Cup preparations begin video
Sunday07 22:38 "We were excellent in the first half" video
21:50 "Things can always be done better" video
Saturday06 17:03 Spanish League Preview: Week 10
14:05 “The most dangerous thing right now is Getafe” video
12:47 19 to travel to Getafe video
Friday05 14:46 “The most important thing is for Barça to get goals, not me" video
13:17 Mascherano settling in well at Barça video
11:44 Full squad on the pitch video
Thursday04 14:04 Piqué: "we’ll play like this till we die!" video
12:02 Jeffren back on the training pitch video
Wednesday03 13:30 Close to the next stage
13:02 Messi is Guardiola’s top scorer
10:54 Domination without victory
Tuesday02 23:51 "I’m satisfied" video
23:50 Alves: “It’s always a good thing to win points” video
23:18 More records for Messi
23:05 2,000 Barça voices in Parken Stadium
12:10 Patrik Andersson predicts Barça win video
Monday01 20:08 Training at the Parken Stadium gallery
20:03 “We’ll have to put in a very good performance” video
19:34 Alves: “we are improving with every game” video
14:03 Team arrive in Denmark gallery
11:51 Spanish League Round Up Week 9
January 1970
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Spanish League Preview Week 13

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