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Líders 197 dies després

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29.11.2010 22:58

Leaders again, 197 later

Roger Bogunyà

Tonight’s win was good enough by itself, but it also means that Barça go top of La Liga –a position they last held 197 days ago.

197 days may seem like quite a time since Guardiola’s team were top of La Liga and in truth since that 4-0 win over Valladolid to confirm the title plenty has happened, including the World Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, the start of this year’s Champions League and 13 La Liga games. Now though, Barça are back where they like to be - top of the pile!

Valencia and Madrid early leaders

2010-09-11_PARTIDO_11.JPGAlthough the team have been up at the right end of the table all season, the defeat to Hercules in week 2 delayed their rise to top spot and Valencia and Real Madrid enjoyed the early part of the campaign leading the competition, but tonight’s win sends a clear message to the rest of La Liga –Barça are back and back at the top!

Beating Madrid gives Barça top spot again

It’s nothing new for a win over Madrid to give Barça the league leadership – the same thing happened last year, when on 10th April the 0-2 win at the Bernabeu took Guardiola’s team ahead of Madrid, who’d been in front on goal difference until then, a position they held until the end of that thrilling campaign.
Leaders again, 197 later
History repeats itself
History does seem to repeat itself as tonight’s win echoed last year on November 29th, when Madrid visited the Nou Camp a point ahead only to lose both the game and their top spot.

Two years ago it was all a bit different as when the Madrid team went down at the Nou Camp they were already 9 points adrift and the defeat put them a distant 12 points behind Guardiola’s team.

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