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Basketball news

October 2009
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Friday30 14:27 Joan Creus, one year more video
Thursday29 23:33 Regal Barca camp happy with home win
22:38 Debut win at the Palau (81-59)
Wednesday28 10:05 2010 FINAL FOUR: TICKETS ON SALE
Saturday24 19:57 Simply superior (92-59) gallery
Wednesday21 22:05 Team responds in the best possible fashion
20:30 Regal Barša dominate Abdi Ipekši (59-82)
Sunday18 14:35 Gran CanÓria learned their lesson (67-65)
Thursday15 13:59 R-Day video
Wednesday14 22:19 Defence sets the pace (87-62) gallery
Saturday10 21:49 Champions start with a win (63-80)
Sunday04 19:07 Great start for Regal Barca
Saturday03 20:52 Regal Barša pick up second Super Cup (86-82)
Friday02 21:30 Emphatic semi final win (51-74)

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