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14.10.2009 22:19

Defence sets the pace (87-62)

Sònia de Alba

Regal Barça have won their first game at the Palau. They played as a unit from start to finish, and their Valencian guests were unable to conjure up a response.

Barça’s basketball team are looking good, and Valencia Basket can vouch for that after a resounding defeat against Xavi Pascual’s charges. Navarro was extraordinary, registering 24 points and delighting the 5,000 spectators that thrilled to the first ACB game at the Palau Blaugrana this season.


2009-10-14_BASKET_17.JPGRegal Barça started far too strong for Neven Spahija’s side. The attacks were fluid, fast and effective, and the defence left Valencia with just one point after 6 minutes, a Nielsen free throw.

Pascual was able to rotate his bench with ease, and only Jordi Trias didn’t get on in the first half.

Valencia try

2009-10-14_BASKET_36.JPGThe first period ended 19-6, but Barça had no intention of resting on their laurels, and soon went +15 (21-6). In the third period, that lead was extended to +28 (65-37).

But the ‘oranges’ did have their moments. Lishchuk and Marshall were the first to shine, and the scoring in the second period was 23 apiece. That was the only moment Barça seemed to be floundering, and called a time out with 8 tenths of a second to go, not a call that went down too well with Spahija. Pete Mickeal failed to convert the ambitious play, and the half ended 42-29.

Vastly superior

Regal Barça stayed strong in the third, working in perfect synergy, and threatened to break into a scandalous lead.

It was a pleasure to watch. With 18 assists, FCB made it all look too easy, and even when Pascual made his changes by pairs, the scores kept coming.

Valencian pride

2009-10-14_BASKET_07.JPGA Valencia reaction was always going to come at some point, even though they never looked liked winning the game. Colo and Marshal (16 and 17 respectively) made the statistical cut and at least won the fourth period. But Navarro outshone both of them, scoring 13 points in the fourth to end on 24.

La Bomba bagged 3 consecutive three pointers in the last 3 minutes, and posted a 100% record (6/6). The game ended 87-62, meaning Regal Barça are now 2-0 in the ACB.

Before the game the Palau enjoyed the presentation of the 2009/10 roster, with five new players, and also Lubos Barton (out with a long-term injury) and Jaka Lakovic (who was a last minute dropout due to a back problem).
Defence sets the pace (87-62)

Regal FC Barcelona (19+23+23+22):
Rubio (-), Navarro (24), Ndong (13), Lorbek (12), Mickeal (7) – starting five - Basile (-), Trias (3), Vázquez (14), Morris (-), Sada (-), Grimau (14)

València Basket (6+23+8+25): Perovic (1), Claver (7), Martínez (2), De Colo (16), Nielsen (1) - starting five - Lishchuk (7), Marinovic (7), Pietrus (4), Marshall (17)

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Murgui and Peruga

Click here to view the official match stats.

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