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21.10.2009 20:30

Regal Barça dominate Abdi Ipekçi (59-82)

Sònia de Alba

Regal Barça got off to a comfortable start in the Euroleague, winning by a clear 26 points and always staying in control of the match.

Xavi Pascual wanted a response after losing in Gran Canària, and it only took them four minutes to start doing that against Abdi Ipekçi. The paltry crowd of 1,000 were so impressed that they started applauding the visitors, especially the nine assists laid on by Ricky Rubio on his 19th birthday. The youngster was outstanding for Regal Barça though Pete Mickeal led the scoring with 26, and also shone in some brilliant FCB defending.

0-12 to start

GYI0058703220.jpgThe small crowd meant there was nothing like the electric atmosphere one usually excepts at this venue. Rubio opened the scoring, then Will Solomon put the home side ahead for the only time in the game. A three and a two from the American gave his side a lead that wouldn’t last for long.

Barça knew how dangerous the Turkish side can be from the exterior, and kept Giricek and Greer well out of the action.

Fenerbahçe then crumbled to 5-14 over the next five minutes – it was clear who the better side was.

Not even a rigorous technical foul against Xavi Pascual could dampen the Barça spirits and they made sure the home side’s attempt to reduce the difference came to nothing.

In the second period Regal Barça went +18 points (17-32) following a Ricky Rubio three.

Bogdan Tanjevic’s side did produce some good basketball from the exterior, but they were insipid in interior plays. Lorbek, who scored just six, was still able to dance around his rivals with ease.

Game over

GYI0058702949.jpgIt was 21-38 at the break, but the restart brought nothing new. Pete Mickeal seemed to mopping up everything in defence, and was extraordinary in offence. Having registered 26 points (8/9 in field goals, 1/1 in threes, 7/7 in free throws, 7 rebounds and 32 evaluation), he was rewarded with a rest in the third period.

Mickeal was just the tip of the iceberg. The others also contributed as the side built their lead up to +26 by the fourth quarter (48-72).

Lynn Greer, one of Fenerbahçe most offensive minded players, didn’t come on until there were just five minutes to go. Against a Barça side that had already done their job, the guard soon notched up 10 points, which meant he finished with a score that did nothing to reflect his real contribution to the game.

So, a gentle start to Regal Barça’s campaign to make the Final Four in Paris.
Photos: Getty Images
Photos: Getty Images

Fenerbahçe (11+10+17+21):
Solomon (16), Onan (2), Erden (3), Giricek (3), Savas (11) – starting five - Basak (3), Kaan (-), Greer (10), Kinsey (4), Asik (6), Cetin (-), Preldzic (1)

Regal FC Barcelona (19+19+24+20): Rubio (9), Navarro (5), Vázquez (8), Lorbek (6), Mickeal (26) - starting five - Basile (4), Trias (4), Ndong (6), Morris (8), Sada (3), Grimau (3)

Referees: Lamonica (ITA), Jovcic (SRB) and Zashchuck (UKR)

Click here to view the official match statistics.

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