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29.10.2009 23:33

Regal Barca camp happy with home win

Sònia de Alba

Although there is agreement that there is still work to be done, Barca's win at the Palau left everyone in the camp pretty satisfied.

The 81-59 win over Cibona leaves Regal Barça 2-0 in the Euroleague level in group A with Montepaschi de Siena.

Xavi Pascual, Regal FC Barcelona coach

2009-10-29_REGAL_FCB_-_CIBONA_ZAGREB_004.JPG“Wining our first home game and making it 2-0 is important for us”

“The mistake in the team list is down to me and the confusion at the start meant we went down 0-6, but we quickly got it together again and our fast play made us feel better”.

“Their zonal defence meant we began to run more and that was one of our first errors. We got over that and improved our attack by challenging their zonal defence with more rigour”.

“In the third quarter we were better all round, better balanced and more concentrated, but we weren't at the right level for the last 10 minutes, maybe because of the difference in points “.

“I'm very happy for Morris. He's not had much luck in the previous games, but today he put in a good game in all aspects. He's a player who can bring us a lot”.

Terence Morris

“You could see the work I've put in all week on the court. I'm very happy because that was not an easy game. We have to try and finish strong and that's what I'm trying to bring”.

Roger Grimau

2009-10-29_REGAL_FCB_-_CIBONA_ZAGREB_012.JPG“At the end of the second quarter we began to make the game ours and with the first actions of the third, which were very important, we dominated. We had to keep our concentration though because they had some great shooters who are capable of scoring a lot”.

Fran Vázquez

“We knew it wouldn't be an easy game, we had to start strong and even though they got that six point start, we were able to fight back, thanks to Navarro. We also dropped off a bit at the end of the game and we can't let that happen. However, we are 2 and 0 and that's important”.

Jaka Lakovic

“I feel good, there's no pain now. I still need to get fitter, I can feel the two weeks I've been out, but that's only to be expected and I'll improve with every game”.
“The fans showed they love me as I love them, that' s why we have to keep on doing the business and keep on improving with every game”.
Images: Álex Caparrós
Images: Álex Caparrós
Barca better than Montepaschi
Although Barca beat his team by a smaller margin than Montespachi did, Zagreb coach Velimir Perasovic reckons: “Barca are the better team, with more resources, they have strengthened the team where it was needed. However Montespachi have the advantage that their players have been together for longer and everybody knows the system and that could give tehm the edge in the end”.

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