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18.10.2009 14:35

Gran CanÓria learned their lesson (67-65)


Regal Barša lost their first game of the season at the Centro Insular de Gran CanÓria. The home side defended well, and Barša made too many mistakes on offence, and things ended in disappointment for Xavi Pascual.

Just 16 days after Regal Barša has stormed to victory in the Super Cup against Gran CanÓria 2014, the sides met again. But this time it was a very different story. The Islanders were on terrific form and won the game.

Gran CanÓria had learned their lesson from the Super Cup match and were far more intense in defence, focusing their effort on the FCB centres. Ndong, Morris and Vßzquen only managed six points, and Barša were right against the ropes and spent almost the whole game trailing. Navarro, Mickeal and a foul-plagued Lorbek all performed well, but the comeback never came.

Carroll against Barša

gran-fcb2.jpgGran CanÓria 2014 started hot, and all 12 of their opening points came from outer players, especially an inspired Carroll. Barša failed to settle down and only stayed in touch thanks to team efforts, with all five starting players scoring early. It was a case of individual flair against a solid unit, and the first period ended 18-14.

Lorbek, fouled out; Navarro, OK

Regal Barša found added difficulties when Lorbek committed his third foul in the 13th minute. Navarro took over the responsibility and kept his side alive, but always playing catch up. But there was still everything to play for at half time when it was 38-37.

Yellow wall

grancanfcb3.jpgEverything went wrong in the third period. Navarro and his colleagues lost all their attacking bite and took six minutes to notch a score. Gran CanÓria went on an 8-0 streak (48-39). Lorbek, with a three, was the first man to break the yellow barrier down, but that was not the start of a comeback. But the hosts were losing their touch too, and Carroll and Moran especially seemed to be floundering, and a poor period all round ended 15-9.

Thrilling end

The final period started with a score of 53-46, but again the scoring was scarce. Mickeal was one of the few players who still seemed wide awake, and Ricky also contributed, although the free throws he missed would prove costly. Navarro also did his bit as the clock ticked down, and had the chance to shoot for the win. Having trailed all match, it would have been incredible to see Barša grab a win away to Gran CanÓria 2014 in the last gasp, but it wasn’t to be, and Barša had no option but to concede their first defeat of the year.
Gran CanÓria learned their lesson (67-65)
Gran CanÓria 2014, 67
Regal Barša, 65

Gran CanÓria 2014 (18+20+15+14): Norris (9), Moran (13), Carroll (17), SavanÚ (6), McDonald (8) –starting five-, Fisher, Augustine (12), Bellas (2), Sanders, Kickert

Regal Barša (14+23+9+19): Rubio (6), Navarro (23), Mickeal (13), Lorbek (11), Ndong (2) – starting five -, Grimau (2), Sada (4), Morris (3), Vßzquez (1), Basile

Referees: Mitjana, Bultˇ and Castillo

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