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June 2011
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Wednesday29 19:04 Zubi emphasisesThiago’s commitment
17:53 Thiago 2015: "Now it’s up to me to prove myself" gallery
16:29 Projection, creativity and personality ensured
11:38 Obama compares himself to Messi
Tuesday28 17:52 2011/12 Champions League gets under way
13:14 All set for the Copa America
11:28 Belletti, the hero of Paris, retires gallery
Monday27 18:35 Thiago gets nose operation
14:51 Valdés: “We are always motivated”
Sunday26 10:41 Barça set to clock up the miles in pre-season
Friday24 16:56 Villa: “I’d love to retire at Barça”
14:11 Barça games against Santos gallery
10:56 Pre-season rivals (V): Chivas
10:50 Happy Birthday Leo!
Thursday23 12:57 Barça players at the Olympics
11:13 Pre-season rivals (IV): Manchester United
11:00 Unzué returns to Club as goalkeeping coach
Wednesday22 13:12 The Gamper, August 22nd
12:48 Freixa acknowledges an offer from Roma for Bojan
Tuesday21 12:56 Messi’s marathon
11:53 Preseason rivals (II): Inter Porto Alegre
09:00 Messi stars in Argentina win (4-0)
Monday20 12:06 Pre-season Rivals: Hajduk Split (I)
Sunday19 18:33 Iniesta: “it’ll be hard to match it next year”
10:52 Granada, last team up from second division
Saturday18 11:41 Puyol recovery on schedule gallery
Friday17 11:15 Three years of the Guardiola era
Thursday16 18:18 Wembley to host Champions League final again in 2013
14:32 Rosell keen to avoid transfer talk
Wednesday15 11:41 Three years since Guardiola’s first big win
Tuesday14 23:36 Guardiola's Barça break barriers
Monday13 14:09 Four consecutive leagues on the horizon
10:59 29 goalscorers with Guardiola on the bench
Sunday12 11:00 Baresi: "Barça's secret, the players are happy"
10:46 Afellay: constant progression
Friday10 11:57 Keita tops appearances list
Thursday09 13:59 “We have a lot of challenges ahead” gallery
11:13 Villa: Goals that win titles
Wednesday08 12:53 More games than anybody
12:45 Competition continues for a few Barcelona players
10:32 Happy 27th, Mascherano! gallery
Tuesday07 11:15 Puyol and Xavi opt for Golden Foot 2011
Monday06 19:13 Three Clubs World Cup teams decided
12:25 Barça visit USA as European Champions yet again
11:31 Champions League line up takes shape
Sunday05 13:53 Barça on the cover of ‘Newsweek’
11:40 Porto due in August
Saturday04 11:44 International players’ schedules fill up
Friday03 13:14 World Cup winners take Champions League too
11:48 Villa: "It’s been a perfect season"
Thursday02 13:41 Messi, Villa and Pedro, devastating trident
13:20 League leaders for passes
12:20 Best friends of the ball
11:20 Good record against English
10:59 “These are the best moments in history”
Wednesday01 18:50 Puyol, two to three months out
10:57 Barça, 16 years reigning in Europe

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