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Best friends of the ball

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02.06.2011 12:20

Best friends of the ball

Edgar Fornós

FC Barcelona are known all round the world for their attacking football and total control of the ball, so it comes as no surprise that their 73.4% possession is better than any other club in Europe.

Best friends of the ball

They have dominated in results, goals and once again in possession. No team on the continent has managed to keep hold of the ball for as much as Guardiola’s team. Barça have an average of 12% more possession than any other team in the main European leagues.

Kings of possession

Barça have 73.4% average possession of the ball. Bayern Munich have 61.5%, and are second followed by Arsenal with 60.5%. Their main rivals in the league, Real Madrid, are ninth (56.61%) and the European runners up, Manchester United, are tenth with 56.4%.

2011-04-02_PARTIDO_01.JPGAbsolute dominance

In the last five seasons, Barça have ruled the ball in Spain. But this year more than ever, they were massively ahead (16.4%) of second placed Valencia. Their 73.4% was vastly superior to the 57% recorded by the ‘che’.

More and more

With Pep Guardiola on the bench, the team’s possession has improved regularly. In his first season (2008/09) they had an average 65.8% possession, the next ended with 68.7% and this term the figure has further improved to a spectacular 73.4%.

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