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April 2009
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Thursday30 13:57 Iniesta: "We’ll go to Madrid to win” gallery
13:31 One year, two different teams video
Wednesday29 21:31 Messi: “I wouldn’t change Barça for anything”
17:47 Home-grown talent shines for Barça
14:41 Bojan: “The team is very confident” video
13:36 A great match without goals
11:51 Márquez out for up to 10 weeks video
11:50 Team travel to Madrid on Saturday
Tuesday28 23:59 “We’ll go to London with the same spirit”
23:58 Dani Alves: “We will fight until the end”
23:12 Puyol to miss return leg in London
22:21 Season over for Rafa Márquez
10:44 Barça v Chelsea: Did you know that...?
Monday27 19:40 Pinto out with back problems gallery
19:15 Hiddink: “I admire Barça’s philosophy”
18:48 Guardiola: “I know the team won’t fail” video
18:34 “It’ll all be decided at Stamford Bridge” video
11:20 Barça on top against Hiddink
11:12 Belletti: Chelsea player, Barça fan video
11:10 Puyol to reach his international ton gallery
10:31 Barça v Chelsea: history favours Barça
Sunday26 14:51 “It’s important to win and keep a clean sheet” video
13:43 A decisive week begins
11:31 Belletti: “It should be the final” video
Saturday25 23:59 Guardiola: “It’s a valuable point”
23:50 Henry – seven goals against Valencia
23:49 Puyol regrets the last five minutes before half time
Friday24 13:54 Guardiola: “This game could be important” video
13:00 18 players for Valencia gallery
12:42 Similarities between now and then
Thursday23 14:24 Iniesta: “One of my best matches” video
13:21 Individual records - collective benefit
12:51 No rest for players
Wednesday22 23:59 “This is too good to stop now”
23:58 Eto'o: “We have to do well in every game”
23:54 Camp Nou responds
23:51 Record of 26 wins in a 38-match league season
10:00 Messi fit for training
Tuesday21 14:26 “Now is the time for the Nou Camp” video
13:16 Sevilla a well known opponent
12:27 Messi misses training with stomach bug gallery
Monday20 17:46 Back-to-back fixtures against main rivals
14:27 “We aren’t looking any further than Seville” video
11:59 All thoughts on Seville gallery
Sunday19 15:44 Xavi still up for the fight video
Saturday18 23:22 Iniesta: “Phenomenal first half performance”
22:52 Performance gives Guardiola confidence
Friday17 15:06 Guardiola: “We cannot prioritise matches.” video
13:35 Guardiola names 19-man squad for Getafe gallery
13:10 Winning in Getafe points to the title
12:29 More games than anyone else
Thursday16 18:53 Abidal glad to be back video
12:51 Valdés nears 300 matches gallery
11:58 Up against the Premier League again
11:31 Getafe the only survivor
11:27 Chelsea: Different components, same spirit
Wednesday15 18:22 “It’ll be an attractive and difficult tie” video
12:53 A Champions League 21st century classic
Tuesday14 23:54 “We’re two matches away from Rome”
23:52 “At this level there aren’t any easy teams”
22:46 Semifinal number 24
22:45 Chelsea to face Barca after thriller (4-4)
11:30 Bayern-Barça: did you know that…?
Monday13 20:10 Henry misses training with temperature gallery
20:00 “We’re in with a good shout"
20:00 “We need to score a goal” video
17:43 Klinsmann and Lahm reckon tie is lost video
10:24 Next stop the Allianz Arena video
Sunday12 17:14 Messi has already scored in the Allianz Arena
14:33 “Everyone gets involved in defending” video
13:23 19 players for Germany
12:52 First Munich, then Getafe
Saturday11 23:23 “The most important thing is the three points”
23:16 “These are the games that can win you things”
23:07 Valdés breaks his personal clean sheet record
Friday10 14:23 “The challenge is to keep our shape” video
11:55 Squad of 20 train in the rain gallery
11:05 Four clean sheets
Thursday09 16:58 Touré calls for “caution” in the return leg video
13:27 The most lethal forward line in Europe video
13:07 Club to appeal Messi and Guardiola decisions
12:52 Europe marvels at Barça video
Wednesday08 23:59 “It’s a good result but we’ll go there with humility
23:51 “We have to continue with the same mentality”
23:38 First half decisive once again
23:00 Chelsea silence Anfield (1-3)
10:53 Barça v Bayern: Did you know?
Tuesday07 17:11 Optimistic despite injuries and a 5-1 corrective
14:31 “We’re ready for the challenge” video
14:03 Puyol: “No room for excuses” video
13:15 Similar paths to quarter finals
12:30 Touré and Hleb fit for Bayern gallery
Monday06 20:37 Piqué: “Clean sheet will be key”
19:29 Laporta: “We have a team to get through the tie”
18:41 Attention fixed on Champions League gallery
18:26 Hleb: “We need to concentrate” video
16:51 “Everything I have to say about Barça is positive"
11:01 Klinsmann: “Both teams try to please the fans”
Sunday05 17:11 A busy Easter week
13:40 Xavi and Bayern ten years on
12:41 Barça hold on, Bayern lose grip
Saturday04 23:24 "The good thing is that with each win there is a game less"
22:41 "A win that reinforces morale"
18:12 Bayern thrashed by Wolfsburg (5-1)
Friday03 14:52 “We are fortunate to be where we are” video
13:45 Puyol and Iniesta back in the squad gallery
11:43 Fond memories of the Nuevo Zorilla
Thursday02 19:04 Guardiola regains six of his internationals gallery
17:35 Busquets, the latest home-grown international
Wednesday01 14:14 Pinto: “Valdés is right for Barça” video
11:51 Wednesday training gallery
11:00 Barça's post-international reaction

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