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12.04.2009 14:33

“Everyone gets involved in defending”

Berta Brau

Victor Valdés is in a purple patch at the moment and has set a personal clean sheet record of 492 minutes. He is expecting a dangerous Bayern Munich next Tuesday whose fans will still be looking to reach the semi-finals.

Against Recreativo, Víctor Valdés kept his fifth clean sheet in a row to total 492 minutes. He’s also beaten his personal best of 453 minutes. Barça’s keeper says the reason for this is the quality of the players in front of him and using the team’s system properly: “To a great extent it’s because of the good players we have at the back, who I think are the best in the world, and the system we have under which the strikers put pressure on too. Everyone gets involved in defending.”

Munich still dangerous

In spite of the good first leg result (4-0), Barça is not counting its chickens prior to going to the Allianz Arena. “The Germans keep battling right to the end and Bayern will make it hard for us,” said Valdés. “They’ll be dangerous and their fans will be looking to get through to the semi-finals.”

Sticking to attacking style

WEB_09.jpg“Here at Barcelona we play in our own style and that doesn’t involve parking the bus at the back,” said Valdés when asked about the approach the team will take on Tuesday in Munich. “We’ll do what we’ve done up until now, attack from the word go.” Barça’s keeper says the team is going to Munich in good spirits with a great opportunity to win the Champions League again.

“I hope we can win the League”

Valdés isn’t that concerned about what Real Madrid does against Valladolid this Sunday, as he is more interested in his team’s game and options. “I hope we can win the League,” he commented. “Luckily we’re in the lead and we shouldn’t look at what the other teams do.”
“Everyone gets involved in defending”

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No comment on contract renewal
Víctor Valdés’s contract renewal has been quite a topic of discussion over recent weeks. The player refused to comment on the issue as he’s tried to stay apart from a topic that “too much has been said about”. Nonetheless, he did say that he would like to end his playing days at Barcelona.

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