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March 2010
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Wednesday31 23:58 Guardiola expects tough return video
23:58 Xavi rues missed chances video
23:12 Puyol and Piqué to miss the return
10:37 Arsenal v Barca: Did you know?
Tuesday30 20:33 Training at The Emirates gallery
20:02 Guardiola: "We have to score away goal" video
19:40 Ibra: “I want to achieve even more” video
16:42 60 per cent chance Fàbregas will not play
13:36 Ibrahimovic's best debut campaign
13:02 Barça arrive in London gallery
12:42 Barça and Arsenal have title aim
12:09 “Strong defence required to conquer Europe” video
Monday29 16:37 Fukuoka football school visit
14:22 "It’ll be important not to lose and also to score" video
14:17 Four years on from Paris
14:05 Cesc and Vilanova meet again video
13:14 Spanish League Roundup Week 29
12:52 Abidal in squad for Arsenal clash video
Sunday28 18:13 Arsenal and Bilbao in Easter Week
13:51 Messi rested after 16 starts video
13:42 Iniesta out for 10 days
13:09 Ibra decisive again
12:55 Zlatan stars in new Nike ad video
11:04 Henry: "I am ready but it will be strange" video
Saturday27 23:21 Ibrahimovic: “I wasn’t worried”
23:01 Pep: “fantastic second half”
22:36 Iniesta comes off with thigh problem
11:07 Spanish League Preview Week 29
Friday26 17:26 Cruyff and Barça: A special relationship
14:10 Guardiola: "Mallorca are a very strong team" video
13:58 Manzano: "The pressure is on Barça" video
12:59 Fortress Ono Estadi
12:14 Piqué and Xavi in the squad video
Thursday25 12:59 Maxwell: "We have to focus on ourselves" video
12:10 Xavi and Piqué start training
11:56 25 clean sheets
Wednesday24 23:32 Guardiola: "We put things right in the second half"
23:28 Ibrahimovic pleased with Osasuna efforts
19:02 Spanish League Preview: Matchday 28
12:44 Final training session in the Camp Nou video
Tuesday23 14:16 Guardiola: “there’s no such thing as tiredness” video
11:52 Training ahead of Osasuna game gallery
10:55 100 goals so far
Monday22 17:36 Messi’s Wonder Goal gallery
13:51 Pedro: “Messi is better than Maradona” video
12:55 Spanish League Roundup: Week 27
12:01 Zaragoza match stats
11:58 Piqué knee problem gallery
Sunday21 23:59 “I’ve run out of adjectives for Messi” video
23:58 Milito: “He’s got a gift” video
23:50 Piqué and Milito both forced off
23:48 Hat-trick of hat tricks
Saturday20 14:10 Big week ahead video
12:42 19 players for Zaragoza game video
11:33 Spanish League Preview Week 27
11:09 Edmílson puts Barca’s success down to Guardiola video
Friday19 15:06 "Arsenal play entertaining football" video
14:05 Piqué: "Arsenal are a tough team" video
13:00 Arsenal share attacking philosophy
12:21 Arsenal in the quarter finals
11:40 Training focus on Zaragoza video
Thursday18 17:48 The seven possible opponents
12:54 Alves: “We are going for the Bernabéu dream” video
12:24 Voluntary activity at Sant Joan Despí video
12:21 The 4-0 win in figures
Wednesday17 23:59 Guardiola praises teamwork video
23:50 Cautious euphoria video
23:12 Quarter-final draw on Friday
22:40 Only Barça and Man Utd in the last 6 seasons
Tuesday16 19:51 20 players in squad for Stuttgart game gallery
19:05 Guardiola: “it’s a marvellous challenge” video
18:14 “We have to be true to ourselves”
13:35 Champions League back after 113 days
12:47 Barca to travel to Zaragoza by AVE gallery
Monday15 19:40 Alves: “We have to be at 200%” video
16:46 Tickets for a night of Champions
16:36 Spanish League Roundup Week 26
14:20 "I’m happy with the ways things are going" video
12:11 Xavi Equals Migueli Record video
11:59 Monday Training Focuses on Stuttgart video
Sunday14 22:44 Team Hail Valdés Save
22:18 Vilanova: “Messi makes it all a lot easier”
22:11 Messi confirms top scorer spot
Saturday13 13:44 "The league is the litmus test" video
12:16 Plenty of smiles in training gallery
10:57 Spanish League Preview Week 26
Friday12 14:12 Márquez: “Valencia is a key game” video
12:18 Keita back to full fitness gallery
10:39 Piqué: “I have no doubts in this team” video
Thursday11 18:25 Ibra and Pep lose red card appeal
12:41 Training back to normal video
12:15 Third game without Guardiola
Wednesday10 14:10 The three alternatives to Ibrahimovic
12:10 Abidal on the mend video
11:30 Top scorers go head to head in the Camp Nou
Tuesday09 18:14 Henry gets afternoon workout gallery
17:08 Guardiola and Ibra, suspended for one match
14:45 Alves: “We are strong and we won’t sink” video
13:10 Barça committing fewest fouls
12:19 Snow causes change of plans video
12:40 Messi third in hunt for Golden Boot
Monday08 18:15 Spanish league Roundup: Week 25
14:15 Club to appeal Guardiola and Ibra expulsions
14:00 Milito staying calm video
12:13 Training in the snow video
12:02 Barça look to regain top spot
Sunday07 17:34 A busy March
13:44 Amazing Messi scores goal 5,100
12:51 Six sessions before Valencia
Saturday06 23:32 Touré content with effort and result
23:23 Unbeaten after breaks
23:20 Guardiola proud of his side video
Friday05 15:20 "Henry is not being saved for the World Cup" video
15:00 Champions League tickets to go on sale
13:07 Every available player in squad video
12:31 Great defence away from home
Thursday04 18:26 Xavi: “Chico marking was exasperating” video
13:09 Chico: “I was only doing my job” video
12:41 One year on from Pinto’s penalty video
Wednesday03 23:44 7 Barça players help Spain and Argentina to wins
13:49 A lethal right wing
12:02 Andalusia, a happy hunting ground for Guardiola
11:54 Laporta: “The Bernabeu match won’t be decisive” video
11:11 Pedro Answers the Barça Fans
Tuesday02 13:46 Guardiola and Lillo: 14 years of friendship video
11:52 Physical work out at the Ciutat Esportiva video
11:22 Better February than 2009
Monday01 18:32 Spanish league Roundup: Week 24
14:29 “The Bernabeu game won’t decide the league title” video
14:25 Heroes also have heroes video
14:17 Pedro: more goals than ever
11:56 Training affected by international exodus gallery
11:43 International duty calls

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