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27.03.2010 23:01

Pep: “fantastic second half”

Roger Bogunyà

Josep Guardiola was one happy man after the win in Mallorca and told reporters: “in the second half the team was fantastic”.

Mallorca had only lost to Seville at home in the league this season before tonight’s defeat and the boss was clearly proud and excited by his team’s win: “we did it again! We won in one of the most difficult places in the whole league this season. We were aggressive and very intense. If we hadn’t been, we couldn’t have won tonight!”


The first news out of the camp at 19.00 was that Messi would be starting on the bench and Guardiola explained: “it’s never good to have to rest Leo, but he was very tired after the game the other day. He came on for half an hour and gave us a lot without getting tired. He’s more than fundamental to us, but we need others to help as well”.

“Pedro and Jeffren really helped us”

2010-03-27_PARTIDO_04.JPGGuardiola sent out the same attack as he had in Getafe earlier this season: Ibrahimovic down the middle and Pedro and Jeffren on the wings and the boss commented: “Pedro and Jeffren were very intense and really helped us, because both of their full backs can be dangerous”. In truth they achieved their objective as neither Mattioni nor Ayoze were able to get forward and help in attack.

“This is the way”

Josep Guardiola also praised his players’ attitude: “I hope the team see that this is the way forward. The tone of the team was great. We were very intense and the players took a lot fewer touches tonight. We are used to just steamrollering others and that’s why their attitude tonight was so praiseworthy”.
Pep: “fantastic second half”
Laporta: “The team made sacrifices”
Joan Laporta also stressed the importance of tonight’s three points: “it was a hard won win. We knew it would be tough, but the team worked hard and made sacrifices. These wins don’t come easy”. As to Guardiola’s selection on the night, Laporta also commented: “Pep administers the squad very well.

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