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August 2007
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Friday31 19:54 14 Barça players get international call-ups
19:08 Motta signs for Atlético Madrid
14:45 Giovani hungry to win video
14:42 “Giovani reminds me of what I experienced” video
12:13 Training without Motta video
Thursday30 18:54 Barça group: Lyon, Stuttgart and Rangers
14:36 Motta: “I just want to play”
14:04 Inter win boosts squad’s confidence video
12:47 Eto’o out for at least 8 weeks
11:48 Good atmosphere at La Masia video
00:47 Barça delight a packed Camp Nou
Wednesday29 23:35 Casaus and Puerta, A Gamper of Mourning
14:44 Giovani receives dual nationality
12:33 Session before the Gamper video
Tuesday28 15:56 “We’re the first ones to be disappointed” video
Monday27 19:09 Debut time for three newcomers
14:54 Zambrotta: “It’s only one match”
14:33 Iniesta: “We have to be self-critical” video
12:07 Ronaldinho now EU qualified
12:05 Whole squad train at La Masia video
Sunday26 22:07 “We have to keep on working”
21:49 “It’s the first match, not the end of the world”
10:00 Racing after Zigic
Saturday25 14:08 Rijkaard: “We’re keen to begin” video
12:39 The first squad list video
Friday24 14:50 “The Squad is more motivated than ever” video
11:33 Opening game ever closer video
Thursday23 21:10 Toure: Barça first
19:25 Internationals back in training video
19:04 The Golden Goal
18:37 Belletti Signs for Chelsea
16:51 Ronaldinho to obtain dual nationality on Monday
Wednesday22 14:37 Thuram ready to play video
12:35 Rijkaard pleased with performances to date video
12:12 A test under the rain video
10:32 Internationals for Barça players
Tuesday21 14:11 Rijkaard adding to success
13:32 Jorquera keen to get a place video
11:40 Thuram trains in isolation video
Monday20 22:00 Oleguer hoping for big things
19:41 11 players at La Masia
14:05 Ten years of good starts
12:21 Last week before official debut video
Sunday19 12:13 Rijkaard left with nine players
10:00 Four great signings
Saturday18 16:54 Zambrotta makes it a dozen
13:26 Sylvinho: "The squad has great desire" video
11:03 Last session for the internationals video
Friday17 14:47 Eto'o: "I want to not go to Japan" video
13:55 Maxi: "Barça will always be in my heart"
11:10 Physical training video
Thursday16 21:14 Maxi López set to join FC Moskva
18:39 Barça stars called up
18:08 Six out of six
14:17 Iniesta: "It was an outstanding strike" video
13:47 Abidal: "We have to maintain our balance"
11:04 Working in the rain video
Wednesday15 21:31 Rijkaard: "We are improving"
20:40 Milito, Márquez and Messi debut
12:43 Working at La Masia
11:40 More than a friendly
Tuesday14 18:11 Munich, last stop before the league starts
14:31 Belletti happy at Barça
12:53 First squad of the season
12:08 Deco not fearing for his place video
12:03 Work goes on at the Mini video
Monday13 22:10 Márquez: “I want to perform to may best” video
19:48 They’re here! video
18:50 Van Bommel: “It will be strange to play Barça”
Sunday12 13:32 Next stop, Munich video
12:02 A beneficial tour
Saturday11 13:10 Rijkaard pleased with team’s attitude video
11:49 The trident is back video
10:26 Change of time affects attendance
Friday10 12:41 Work continues at La Masia
12:02 Match to be played Saturday at 8.30 video
10:54 Iniesta impressed by Touré
10:19 Match cancelled due Typhoon Pabuk
Thursday09 19:05 Valdés delighted with high demands
18:30 Wet wet wet
14:03 “We have to work in every department”
10:42 80% of seats already sold
Wednesday08 16:39 Training in the rain
14:53 Messi: “I can’t wait for it all to start”
12:35 Eto’o not obsessed with scoring video
11:46 A Five-Star Gamper Game
11:40 A classic encounter
11:00 Gamper statistics
09:52 Hong Kong: the final stage
09:41 Giovani the man of the moment
Tuesday07 19:34 Double training for Messi video
17:06 Rijkaard: “It was a good test” video
16:22 Ronaldinho: “I’m 100% happy again”
15:28 Eto’o, ‘Ronnie' and Henry together
10:31 Football for everybody
10:19 Final training session in Japan
Monday06 19:21 Milito and Márquez start training in Barcelona video
17:55 First contact with Nissan Stadium
16:36 Rijkaard seeks more aggression and pressure video
14:13 Henry: “At Barça, you want to win everything"
11:27 Japan, a familiar place
Sunday05 16:40 “I will work to make the most of my chances” video
15:48 Rijkaard happy with result and Giovani
14:44 Eto'o and Henry together up front
11:06 Neeskens: “The team is highly motivated”
Saturday04 15:14 Ronaldinho doubftul for Sunday video
11:24 Between 80 and 90 million viewers
10:31 Ezquerro wants future clarified
08:36 Xavi likes the extra motivation
07:31 Father Deco heads back to Brazil
Friday03 18:42 Belletti out for seven to ten days
16:54 Training resumes in China
10:43 Media frenzy in Beijing
10:23 "The tour is a model that has worked well" video
02:51 Beijing welcomes Barça video
Thursday02 13:53 Medical team covering the rest
13:49 First stop: Beijing video
13:10 Tour represents differents goals
Wednesday01 14:51 Zambrotta has few tour worries video
14:23 Krkic misses on Far East tour
14:03 “The tour is good for communal life”
13:44 The Asian tour in detail
11:15 Last session before Asia trip video

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