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26.08.2007 22:07

“We have to keep on working”

Anna Segura

Speaking to reporters after the goalless draw against Racing, the players insisted: “It’s only the beginning of the season. We have to keep on working”.

Despite a rather disappointing draw in the opening match of the season, the players have insisted that it’s early days yet while admitting that they have to work on improving certain aspects of their game.

Here are some of the players’ reactions immediately after the game:

Xavi Hernández

“It’s the beginning of the season. They closed down at the back.”
“Things have just begun. The attitude was good. The team pressed hard and we had possession. But they did a great job in defence”.
“There’s no reason to get alarmed. We had a good team feeling. We want to be a unit and we achieved that today despite not taking the three points”.

Oleguer Presas

“The team tried everything but came up against a side that closed down at the back and we couldn’t find any spaces. We have to correct that”.
“We shouldn’t look back at last season. The team went for the victory at all times, right from the opening minutes. It’s difficult to play against a team that closes down at the back. We know we’re going to face matches like this and we have to work on that”.

Víctor Valdés:

santander12.jpg“The team played well but it’s a pity we didn’t take our chances”.
“We didn’t expect a draw but I saw a Barça side that worked hard. It was bad luck the chances didn’t come”.

Samuel Eto'o:

“We lacked a goal. We tried hard but it wasn’t to be. But we didn’t lose either. Racing played well defensively. I’ve been playing alongside Henry for a month now. We’ll gradually improve”.


“We’re just beginning and we mustn’t get downhearted. There are a lot of matches to come”.


“We came up against difficulties as will happen in many matches. We have to keep on working to end up taking our chances”.
“Nobody is happy. Our aim is always to win”.

Lionel Messi:

santander7.jpg“We have to stay calm and work so that the same thing doesn’t happen again”
“It’s the first match and there’s along way to go. We have to improve and we have to work to achieve that”.
“We have to keep on working”

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