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21.08.2007 13:32

Jorquera keen to get a place

Jordi Clos

The keeper has praised Víctor Valdés for what he has achieved but “will not stop fighting and working hard” to become the first choice stopper. He feels the Barça squad has “enormous potential”.

At FC Barcelona there is heated competition for places right through the ranks. “We have enormous potential and are very keen indeed”, said Albert Jorquera. He agrees with Oleguer, who said on Monday that if things go well for Barça they have to be one of the favourites. There have been changes over the pre-season, although “the coach has not changed the procedures, but our attitude has changed due to self-demands as a result of the new signings”.

Support for Valdés

jorqueragamper.jpgThe pressmen used Jorquera’s presence in the Camp Nou press room to ask him what he thought about the choice of Palop as the replacement for Casillas in the Spanish national team, rather than his team mate Víctor Valdés. Barça’s second choice keeper said “Víctor is more than good enough to play. I am surprised he doesn’t get picked after all he has done, but that is the manager’s personal decision and there are some very good goalkeepers in Spain”.

A natural worker

WEB_08.jpgJorquera commented that it is very hard to get a place in the team with Valdés in the squad as well. “I start the same way each season. I know the situation well, but I won’t stop fighting and working hard. I won’t be slouching”. He is one of the few players in the squad who is not away on international duty this week, and when asked to make a prediction for the season ahead, he merely said “this is the time for making internal analysis and making sure the season gets off to a good start”.
Jorquera keen to get a place

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Amazing strength up front
There is competition all the way down the team, but it is up front where Rijkaard seems to have the hardest choices to make. Jorquera is delighted that the team has such a strong set of strikers, saying “everybody can platy, nobody is irreplaceable. It is an advantage to have all these forwards and it also means players will get to rest”.

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