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21.08.2007 11:40

Thuram trains in isolation

Berta Brau / Roger Bogunyà

This Tuesday’s training session witnessed the return of Lilian Thuram to La Masia. The Frenchman worked in isolation as he continues the recovery programme he started before going off to join the French national team.

WEB_03.jpgThe same players that trained on Monday evening, Valdés, Jorquera, Belletti, Sylvinho, Márquez, Olmo, Oleguer, Crosas, Motta, Giovani and Ezquerro, plus Thuram working alone, were involved in today’s session which got under way at 10.00 am.

The French star, with an ankle injury, started the day receiving treatment in the dressing room.

Thuram on his own

Lilian Thuram spent almost an hour on the La Masia grass, working in isolation with fitness coach Josep Anton Pozanco, stretching, running and playing the ball.

Ball play

The rest of the players did a series of exercises involving the ball combined with fitness work. Long passes featured prominently, along with ball control, changes of pace and shots from the edge of the area.

Tough workout

WEB_07.jpgThe session continued with the players participating in a massive piggy-in-the-middle game, unlike the small groups they usually do the exercise in. Three players were put in the middle at a time, and the exercise really forced the players to work on pressure and ball movement.

Groups of three

The players divided into threes for the last exercise. The bib-less Motta, Belletti and Ezquerro formed one group, Sylvinho, Márquez and Crosas worse yellow and Olmo, Oleguer and Giovani were in orange. One group had to get the ball off the other two, while the goalkeepers exercised apart with Juan Carlos Unzué.

Still in groups of three, the players than practiced long passes, while it was all about ball control for those players on the receiving end.
Thuram trains in isolation

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How fast do they run?
One of the oddest activities of the day was an exercise to time the players over an eight meter sprint. A small radar was used to measure the players’ speeds after shooting on goal and then jogging to the measuring point. The players averaged between 25 and 35 kilometres per hour.

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