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31.08.2007 14:42

“Giovani reminds me of what I experienced in 2005”

Sandra Sarmiento

The Camp Nou discovered Leo Messi at the Gamper two years ago, and following the Mexican’s terrific showing against Inter on Wednesday, Leo Messi has likened what Giovani Dos Santos is doing to what happened to he himself two seasons ago.

On September 24, 2005, the Barça fans were delighted by a daring young player who was able to run rings around none other than the great Juventus. That was Leo Messi, now one of the club’s biggest names. The story is repeating itself with the explosion of Giovani Dos Santos, and Messi said “it reminds me of what I went through that time.”.

The best of Messi

After two fantastic seasons on a personal level, Messi is hoping his third can be just as good, if not better. “All of us that are here want to make this our best season. We want to do all we can for the team. To make it work and for the squad to win.”

Eto’o injured

On Thursday it was confirmed that Eto’o will be out for eight weeks, and Messi says “it is a shame for the whole team. We didn’t think he would be out for so long. It is a major loss but we have to keep working. We are lucky enough to have a big squad. Anyone can play, so the absences won’t be noticed as much.”

Motta to go?

It now looks almost certain that Thiago Motta will be on his way to Atletico Madrid. If he does, Messi says “I don’t doubt he will do well. I am pleased because it is what he wanted. But at the same time I’m sad because the squad will miss having somebody like him around.”

Draw with Racing

Barça only managed a draw in their first league outing in Santander. Messi knows the fans felt let down and “a lot is expected of us but we aren’t worried because hard work will change everything.”
“Giovani reminds me of what I experienced in 2005”

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Champions League draw
Barça will meet Olympique Lyon, Stuttgart and Glasgow Rangers in the Champions League. Messi admits “it’s a tough group. None of the games look easy, and we will get nothing for free. We are going to have to make sure we are especially strong at home.”

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