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08.08.2007 09:52

Hong Kong: the final stage

David Saura

At 8.00 am CET (14.00 local time), FC Barcelona landed at Hong Kong airport, ready for the final stage of the 2007 Asian Tour.

The team quickly transferred to Hotel Grand Hyatt Hong Kong where they will stay until Saturday after a 3,000 km flight from Yokohama.

Problem-free flight

T WEB_11.jpghe players had to get up at 6.00 this morning, and so most of them used the 4 hour flight from Narita, Tokyo to get some sleep.

Barça’s first appearance in Hong Kong

The island of Hong Kong, an administrative region belonging to China and one of the most important financial centres in Asia, awaits FC Barcelona for the very first time.

WEB_06.jpgThe city is full of modern architecture, especially in the central district, where the skyscrapers around Victoria Port are the main highlights. Four of the fifteen tallest buildings in the world are located in Hong Kong.

hongkong1.jpgThis huge city is home to 8 million people and the local language is Cantonese. Despite its size, it has an amazing number of green spaces, and the stadium where Barça will play the Mission Hills Invitation XI is surrounded by vegetation.
Hong Kong: the final stage
A packed agenda
From midday to midnight the Barça players are not going to get much time to rest. Almost as soon as they arrive there is the pre-match presentation to be attended by Frank Rijkaard, Eto'o and Ronaldinho. This will be followed by a promotional activity for Nike and the long day will end with a training session on the same ground where the match will be played.

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