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28.08.2007 15:56

Henry: “We’re the first ones to be disappointed”

Berta Brau

Clear and sincere. Those are the two words that best describe Thierry Henry’s press conference after training on Tuesday. Referring to Sunday’s draw against Racing, he told reporters: “It can’t be put down to a lack of attitude or motivation”.

Speaking in an analytical and measured tone, the French striker began by emphasising that the players always try to win their games and denied that the result had been due to the wrong attitude on the part of the players: “Racing played well. They closed down at the back and waited for us. The intention was to win but we didn’t. Perhaps if we’d given just a bit more we would have won. But that’s part of the past now”.

Conclusions post Racing

rp280807-5.jpgHowever, Henry fully understands the disappointment felt by some fans. “The team was also disappointed about the way we played. It wasn’t the expected result. Everyone expected to win. Now it’s the manager’s job to see what didn’t work and find the best way between all of us to improve it”. Henry made it very clear that the team has the intention of winning on every occasion but also admitted that the team isn’t yet firing on all cylinders. “Obviously we’re asking the fans to be patient”.

Getting back to match fitness

rp280807-1.jpgHenry was also asked what it felt like to start the match on the subs bench and joked: “I thought the seats on the subs bench were very nice”. On a more serious note he revealed: “It’s true that I’m not very used to being a substitute but I’d like to remind you that I haven’t played for quite a long time and right now I’m trying to get fit by training hard. Whenever I play I try to bring as much as possible to my team. The person who decides who plays, and when, is the boss”.

He explained that he’s getting near to full match fitness and that now it was a question of working on more technical aspects: “I think I’ll be at a good level in three or four weeks’ time”.


Henry believes that the label of the “fantastic four” is inappropriate: “It’s over the top because it’s only a game we’re trying to win. The only thing I want is for the team to play well and for people to speak about Barça in that context”. He doesn’t believe that players should be called “fantastic” or “heroes” though he admitted: “You can’t do anything to stop people saying it”.

Henry: “We’re the first ones to be disappointed”

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Inter the opponent in the Gamper
Henry is very familiar with the Italian champions: “I played Inter many times and it’s never an easy game. When you play an Italian team it’s always difficult”. He doesn’t believe either team has got anything to prove on Wednesday. “I believe we’ll see a good match and that it will be a good test for both of us”. However, he emphasised that the players mustn’t take their eye of Sunday’s league clash with Athletic: “There’s an important match on Sunday against Athletic Bilbao but though it’s important to know where the points come from it’s also very important to have a good game against Inter”.

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