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February 2011
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Monday28 18:08 Spanish League Round Up Week 25
12:55 "I can’t imagine Alves without Barça"
12:14 Xavi and Jeffren train with the group gallery
10:28 Montoya: 17th B Team player to debut
Sunday27 12:57 Training kit to feature Qatar Foundation name gallery
Saturday26 23:18 Keita: “I try to do my best for the team”
23:15 “We found it hard to get going”
15:11 Spanish League Preview, Week 25
Friday25 13:56 Guardiola: "I'm sure we’ll respond”
12:04 Miño, Thiago and Montoya in the squad for Mallorca gallery
Thursday24 19:49 Barça back in north end at Mestalla
14:16 Pinto looks to extend contract next week
12:20 Messi back with the rest of the squad gallery
11:24 Messi’s first ever TV interview
Wednesday23 13:59 Xavi: "I’ll be ready for Valencia"
13:57 Barça Commitment gallery
12:07 Miño, Montoya and Thiago strengthen the team gallery
10:49 A man of his word gallery
10:11 Pep Guardiola: An innovative coach video
Tuesday22 16:25 Xavi out for 7 to 10 days
12:41 Spanish League Round Up Week 24
11:46 Barça v Zaragoza, Saturday 5 at 20.00
11:28 Adriano: first option for Mallorca
11:03 Guardiola, best first 100 ever
Monday21 17:22 Guardiola set to sign on Wednesday
13:42 Piqué: "Matches like this win leagues"
12:57 Messi, top scorer in Europe
Sunday20 23:52 Pinto: "I'm ready when needed"
23:14 Guardiola: “I could never question this team”
19:17 Valdés getting treatment
12:12 Valdés out of Bilbao game gallery
Saturday19 13:40 Guardiola: "we are ready to take on Bilbao”
12:17 Villa back in training gallery
11:23 Spanish League Preview Week 24
10:48 Bilbao looking to Europe
Friday18 14:49 “We need to get 12 points before Arsenal come”
13:41 Bouncebackability
12:20 Guardiola makes century gallery
12:02 Villa absent from Bilbao preparations gallery
Thursday17 19:31 Wembley tickets on February 24
19:16 “Guardiola is making me a better player”
13:10 Facts and figures from the Arsenal game
13:08 History on Barça’s side
12:25 Group stage shows the way forward
12:07 Messi’s goals back soon
Wednesday16 23:59 Players confident of comeback
23:35 “Optimistic? I have plenty of reason to be”
11:17 Two rivals and the same football philosophy
Tuesday15 21:44 “We both want the ball and suffer without it”
20:56 Iniesta: “We are up against a very good team”
18:20 Welcome to London! gallery
13:14 All 18 plus Thiago heading for London gallery
12:40 Spanish League Round Up Week 23
Monday14 14:20 Pedro: "It’ll be different from last year"
13:13 Best team in first decade of 21st century
12:18 First session focused on Arsenal gallery
11:03 Barça, a year unbeaten on the road
Sunday13 17:02 Champions League sets tone for the week
11:38 February slip ups nothing new
Saturday12 23:38 Villa: “it was a thrilling game”
22:48 Guardiola: “We can draw if that’s how it is”
14:19 Spanish League Preview Week 23
Friday11 14:47 “There is no place like this, but we have to win"
14:28 Davids: “This Barça is the best in the world”
12:28 All 18 available to travel to Gijón gallery
Thursday10 18:46 Guardiola gets internationals back gallery
18:01 “The three competitions will be decided”
13:23 37 key days
Wednesday09 18:40 Zubi: “Guardiola will sign on February 22” video
14:00 The day after gallery
13:59 Guardiola makes history
11:54 Training with Barça B video
Tuesday08 20:21 The record breaker
19:53 Two and a half years of excellence video
19:09 Guardiola new contract until 2012
13:18 Busquets talisman
11:50 First session without Adriano video
10:55 Team mates and rivals go face to face
10:18 Villa picks up World Cup Awards
Monday07 18:36 Laureus awards for Nadal and Spain team
17:13 Villa warns of Arsenal threat video
13:43 Spanish League Round Up Week 22
12:15 Valdés beating personal records
Sunday06 14:04 Messi out of this world
Saturday05 23:59 “48 points from 48 has a lot of merit” video
23:59 Messi stresses team over individual prizes video
23:58 Sixteen win run breaks new records
18:57 Arsenal surrender 4-0 lead (4-4)
Friday04 20:36 “Anything can happen against Atletico” video
19:04 19 players in the penultimate session video
10:52 Another record: 22 scorers
09:55 Barça top the scoring in Europe
Thursday03 14:29 “There are important games before the final” video
12:44 Iniesta back in training video
Wednesday02 23:50 Barça to meet Real Madrid in Cup final
22:40 “I’m delighted with the final and the goal” video
21:55 Barça’s 35th Copa del Rey final
12:08 Sporting v FCB, Saturday 12 at 20.00
10:41 A perfect January
Tuesday01 14:33 “There is no point thinking about the treble in January” video
13:48 Pinto and Keita: cup regulars
12:31 Whole squad heading for Almeria video
11:50 Messi aiming to be top scorer
January 1970
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Spanish League Preview Week 22

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