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Pinto looks to extend contract next week

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24.02.2011 14:16

Pinto looks to extend contract next week

Jesús Carrillo

José Manuel Pinto told reporters this lunchtime: “if everything goes as planned, I think the Club and I can reach agreement next week to extend my contract”.

Pinto looks to extend contract next week

Daily challenges
With the Spanish Cup final coming up in April, there has been speculation that it could mark the biggest challenge of his career if he plays, but Pinto insisted: “there’s nearly two months to go before that game and the boss will do what he thinks is best. In any case, the most important challenge is not a single game, no matter how important it is, but rather the work I put in every day, my career as a whole and trying to constantly improve”.
Pinto was clearly happy at the confidence the Club was showing in him: “we spoke to the Club about a month ago and they told us they intended to extend the contract for another year. I’m very happy here and I think we will be able to officially confirm my new deal within a few days”.

Happy with Guardiola extension

Pinto’s deal follows Pep Guardiola’s signing of an extension on Wednesday and the keeper commented: “the boss is the key piece and it’s thanks to him and his work that we have won so much”.

Pinto has stepped in to cover the absence of Victor Valdes and he explained: “nothing has changed for me. I’m working as I always do, but it’s true that when the fans are chanting your name, you feel loved and it’s an indescribably proud moment”.

Teammates’ confidence

2010-08-11_ENTRENO_25.JPGPinto went on: “the most important thing is the confidence the squad have in me and my work. As a rule, I forget what people outside might be saying – I respect it, but I don’t waste any energy on anything said outside of the dressing room”.

Pinto was also asked if he wouldn’t rather play in a side where he got more minutes and his reaction was very clear: “believe me, if I felt I would be happier elsewhere I would go. If I’m here, it’s because I could not be any better anywhere else”.

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