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Messi, top scorer in Europe

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21.02.2011 12:57

Messi, top scorer in Europe

Jesús Carrillo

Leo Messi celebrated his 250th game for FC Barcelona’s first team on Sunday with a goal against Athletic Bilbao, which makes him the top scorer in Spain and Europe, with 25 goals.

Messi, top scorer in Europe

Games and goals
League: 165 games (113 goals)
Spanish Cup: 25 games (17 goals)
Spanish Super Cup: 5 games (5 goals)
European Super Cup: 2 games
Champions League: 51 games (31 goals)
World Club Championship: 2 games (2 goals)
2010-11-02_COPENHAGUEN-BARCELONA_08.JPGLast year’s Golden Boot is getting closer to picking up the award for the second straight season. Messi is currently the top scorer in major European competitions. The Argentine, with 25 league goals, has scored one more than Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is second in the fight for Spanish league top scorer, and also for the Golden Boot prize.

Rivals from other countries are way behind

For example, the Uruguayan Cavani, the Naples player, has scored 20 goals, the Bulgarian Berbatov (Manchester United) has 19 goals in the Premiership and Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez has scored 18 times in the German Bundesliga.

Over 75% winning games

2010-09-19_PARTIDO_WEB_06.JPGOf the 250 official Barça matches, 165 correspond to the Spanish league. In total, the club, with Leo Messi in the side - has won 125 matches, i.e. 77% of the matches have ended up in a Barça win. This percentage has gone up a lot since the arrival of Pep Guardiola, since then Messi has seen 81% wins when he’s played in the first team, four points above the average percentage since his debut season in 2004 / 05.

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