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June 2010
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Wednesday30 13:01 Barca dominates quarterfinals
Tuesday29 22:28 Villa sends Spain to quarterfinals (1-0)
11:46 Txiki: "I feel proud of the job I've done" video
Monday28 22:33 Alves through to quarterfinals (3-0)
12:59 Queiroz believes Spain has the Barca look
Sunday27 23:15 Marquez out, Messi to quarterfinals
12:49 World Cup boosts Barca players
Saturday26 19:12 Messi vs Marquez for a spot in the last eight
12:56 Villa = goals guaranteed!
12:23 Barca players feature big time in first phase
Friday25 22:37 Villa and Iniesta send Spain through
18:05 Alves starts and Brazil top the group
17:56 Win not enough for Touré and company (0-3)
12:55 From Quini to Villa, 30 years on video
Thursday24 19:06 Busy day at the World Cup
11:22 Barça set for 25,329-kilometre pre-season video
10:50 Messi’s happy birthday
Wednesday23 11:53 Holidays for Henry and Abidal
Tuesday22 19:03 Marquez to face Messi
Monday21 22:33 Villa puts Spain back on course (2-0)
12:59 Draw for the Champions League qualifying phase
11:22 Spain looking for a win without Iniesta
Sunday20 18:32 “Cesc signing complicated before June 30th”
12:30 Alves and Toure go head to head
10:51 Back to the Rico Pérez 13 years later
Saturday19 13:10 Barça: the start of glittering careers video
Friday18 12:01 Botía transferred to Sporting
11:39 Away kit changes gallery
Thursday17 22:51 Mexican joy, French woe (2-0)
15:54 Messi and Argentina almost through (4-1)
13:26 Unzué, new coach of Numancia video
12:34 Guardiola: year II video
11:12 Qualification beckons for Leo Messi
Wednesday16 18:06 Shock defeat for Spain (0-1)
14:20 Messi grateful for the support of Barca fans
12:25 Gouan await Barca video
10:56 Barca players shape Spanish team
Tuesday15 11:52 Barca set to return to Anoeta and Ciutat de València
11:31 Toure and Alves join in the fray
11:20 Two European ties and one friendly in Norway video
Monday14 16:40 Do you have a Van Bronckhorst story?
14:24 Puyol and Villa congratulate new president
14:21 Preparations for next season begin 19th July video
Saturday12 18:38 Messi does everything but score (1-0)
Friday11 18:47 Márquez scores as Messi prepares
13:52 Barça to play Valerenga in pre-season gallery
10:55 Villa’s rise to fame video
Thursday10 19:35 Marquez, Abidal and Henry involved in opening day
10:43 David Villa’s roots in Asturias video
Wednesday09 17:20 Iniesta: “I expect to be able to play the opening game” video
15:02 Xavi: “I want to hang up my boots here” video
13:10 Pedro extends stay until 2015 video
10:25 Xavi extends deal until 2016 video
Monday07 18:38 “We’ll try and make Arsenal change their minds” video
12:58 Barça’s World Cup
Sunday06 16:45 Barca players prepare for World Cup
10:39 Xavi: “Cesc would triumph at Barça” video
Saturday05 13:52 Henry - Veteran Champion
Friday04 14:08 Laporta: Lines of communication open over Cesc video
Thursday03 13:40 Alves, a winning full back
11:21 Goals and thrills in Asia video
Wednesday02 13:24 Three Years as Barca Manager
12:40 Club makes formal offer for Cesc video
11:41 Champions wherever you look
Tuesday01 13:44 Barca’s World Cup: Ivory Coast (VI)
12:12 Inter and Barca top IFFHS rankings
10:39 Belletti: “Barca shouldn’t fear anybody” video
January 1970
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Rafa Marquez eyeing second round berth

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