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27.06.2010 12:49

World Cup boosts Barca players

Marc Guillén

Although it’s true that a World Cup can leave players tired at the start of the next season, it’s equally true that a successful tournament could pay big dividends in terms of confidence and new experiences for the Barça players when they return.

Although the advantages might seem pretty intangible, Barca’s World Cup players know that the opportunity to shine on the global stage can give a real boost to confidence for the next season and also provide the chance to show off skills and abilities that may not have been to the fore during the regular season. The example of Xavi and Iniesta, whose success at the 2008 European Championships kick started a brilliant run of form for both, will undoubtedly serve as an impetus for the Barca players in South Africa.

Villa out on the wing

villa_celebracion_1.jpgVilla has shown his worth throughout his career as an out and out striker, but Vicente del Bosque has also given him the chance this World Cup to show that he can perform just as successfully on the left wing – something that could be very useful for Guardiola next year. The fact that Villa is joint top scorer at the Tournament and the confidence that will give him also bode well for the coming campaign at the Nou Camp.

Messi out to show who’s Number One

This World Cup has come at a great time for Leo Messi. The World Number One came in for some stick at home during Argentina’s stuttering qualification phase, but he has shown himself to be one of the Tournament’s most incisive figures so far in South Africa and is clearly enjoying the opportunity to entertain on the World stage.

Iniesta and Márquez

marqueztri.jpgThere are always players whose season is marred by injury and a lack of continuity and Rafa Marquez and Andres Iniesta both needed a good World Cup to make up for some of their disappointments during the last year. Both Barca players have scored decisive goals in the group stages and will be looking to for success in South Africa as a recompense for their misfortune at times during the regular season.

New talents

The World Cup is also a great chance to show off new talent, as well as being a recognition of a successful past season and for Valdés, Alves, Pedro, Piqué and Busquets, the trip to South Africa will give a boost of self confidence, as well as confirming their positions as members of the global footballing elite.
World Cup boosts Barca players
Iniesta and Xavi
The 2008 European Championships marked a clear line in the career of both Xavi and Iniesta, as they took on the responsibility for bringing home the much longed for title for the Spanish team, Xavi was named the Tournament’s best player and the effect on his play when he returned to Barca was clear for all to see, as both he and Iniesta confirmed their places as the foundation stones of Guardiola’s team’s success.

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