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December 2009
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Thursday31 13:40 “I’d choose the win in Abu Dhabi”
13:39 Playing style above results
11:50 Final session of 2009 gallery
Wednesday30 14:24 "We want to write more pages in this book" video
11:42 First session of the day video
Tuesday29 20:49 "The most important thing is getting ready" video
19:30 Back to work with unexpected arrivals gallery
14:05 All won, all to be won again
12:29 Villarreal a home for ex-Barca stars
11:55 Barca to face in-form Villarreal
Sunday27 14:05 League and Cup dominate January
12:43 The stats of the best team in the world
Saturday26 16:52 Barca’s honours the best in Europe
Thursday24 14:13 Puyol: “There is nothing better than winning” video
13:51 Keita and Jeffren recovering
13:29 Training on December 29
Wednesday23 14:16 Cruyff returns to the Camp Nou
13:06 Holidays at last!
Tuesday22 22:09 A hatful of goals in the Camp Nou (4-2) gallery
13:36 24 intense hours video
13:00 Shared joy at Milito return video
Monday21 22:16 Recognition for Barça youth academy
21:29 Messi takes over from Ronaldinho
21:24 FIFA World Player
20:32 Milito and Jeffren, positive and negative
20:02 Messi wins FIFA World Player video
19:33 From the heat of Kuwait to the cold of Zurich video
19:20 Kick-off times confirmed
19:17 Full support for Messi gallery
11:30 Spanish League Roundup: Week 15
Sunday20 19:50 Ibra: "We will be motivated” video
18:27 Stars travel from Kuwait to Zurich
17:38 Kuwait gives Barca warm welcome video
12:10 Messi proves to be decisive
11:54 Barça deliver late show again
11:40 World press praise Barça
Saturday19 22:37 Laporta: “Dedicated to all Barça fans”
22:27 Xavi: “You can’t top this” video
22:02 The tears of a historic manager video
20:38 Zayed Stadium in awe at Barça
19:09 Barça make history gallery
19:03 The only one that was missing
19:01 Keita ruled out for three weeks
11:37 Spanish League Preview Week 15
11:08 Barça v Estudiantes: Did you know...
Friday18 18:27 "If it’s a show you want, go to the theatre"
17:30 22 ready for the final video
13:39 One of Germany’s finest
13:41 Txiki warns about overconfidence
12:41 Pep: "I know the players will give everything" video
12:12 Stuttgart in the Champions League
11:55 Messi’s final video
11:19 Laporta aiming to be best in world gallery
Thursday17 17:47 Champions League draw on Friday
16:21 Pedro: “My favourite goal was in Monaco” video
16:16 Iniesta ruled out for two weeks
13:33 Xavi: "We have it in our hands" video
13:13 Krkic: “We know what we can achieve”
12:07 Alves: "We have to play the game of our lives" video
11:09 Training next to the beach video
Wednesday16 20:58 Puyol: "We can make history" video
20:56 Guardiola: "We’re on the last lap" video
19:49 Six of the best for Pedro
18:48 Xavi to make 500th appearance
11:17 Barca’s other Leo –King of the Kitchen gallery
10:58 Estudiantes prefer Atlante in the final
Tuesday15 17:39 Messi completes most of session gallery
16:54 Guardiola: “The final doesn’t exist” video
16:28 "An opportunity not to be wasted" video
12:41 Special shirt for World Club Cup
11:38 Messi trains on beach gallery
10:35 Pedro aims to complete six of the best
Monday14 17:34 Rafa Márquez x 2: namesakes, friends and rivals
15:46 "I’m a Madrid supporter but hats off to Barça”
12:41 The long trip is no excuse video
12:13 Work begins in Abu Dhabi video
11:50 The Barça hotel
Sunday13 20:36 Barça off to Abu Dhabi video
18:04 The perfect year
13:09 Best start in club’s history
12:10 Iniesta: “We can make history” video
12:08 The only unbeaten team
Saturday12 23:38 “We’re tired and it must be noticeable” video
23:32 Alves: "We played a practical game"
20:56 Ballon d’Or in Camp Nou
19:54 Atlante, Clubs World Cup rival
16:30 Spanish League Preview Week 14
Friday11 15:50 The derby photo
14:28 “A derby is special and difficult” video
13:26 19 available for derby gallery
11:56 Off to Abu Dhabi on Sunday video
10:12 Espanyol, uncomfortable opposition
Thursday10 18:41 Messi out of the derby video
18:39 Espanyol next up
18:11 "The derbies are always unpredictable games" video
18:01 Toure and Keita nominated for African Player of the Year
12:52 Barça’s seven possible opponents
12:15 The year of Lionel Messi video
Wednesday09 23:59 "It's important to play the second leg at home"
23:57 Guardiola: "It’s a huge success for the team "
23:32 Messi in doubt for Saturday
22:40 Barça qualify to continue the tradition
10:44 Dynamo Kiev-FCB: Did you know that…
10:41 Vote for Iniesta’s stunning goal
Tuesday08 20:24 Players get a taste of the cold at the Valeri Lobanovski gallery
20:04 Guardiola: “we have to go out to score” video
19:58 Touré: “it'll be like a final” video
13:22 Xavi set to make it 100 CL games
11:47 “This is the most important game of the season” video
Monday07 13:49 Ibrahimovic is happier than ever video
13:27 Ballon d'Or – and head
12:55 20 travel to Kiev video
11:24 Spanish League Round Up Week 13
Sunday06 18:21 Happy and intense day for Messi video
16:50 Key week in Europe and at home
14:26 Messi: "I was a bit impatient" video
13:33 Wins keep coming...
12:32 Vote for Barca players in the best 11
12:29 Messi picks up the Ballon d'Or video
Saturday05 23:59 Guardiola: “We were back to playing as we can”
23:59 Iniesta: “It's important we can vary our tactics” video
Friday04 18:15 Barça have 11 candidates in UEFA team vote
14:25 Guardiola does not want Xerez repeat video
13:02 18 players to face Deportivo gallery
11:16 Barça’s Riazor drought
Thursday03 14:51 Keita: "We have to be strong" video
13:52 Training session and solidarity video
13:10 Ibra: Swedish efficiency
13:02 Even better start than treble winners
Wednesday02 23:59 Guardiola: "It was very difficult for us"
23:54 Ibra: "It’s easy to play with players like these"
10:42 Newly promoted Jerez finding it tough at the top
Tuesday01 14:35 “I dedicate this to my family and my team mates” video
14:16 Guardiola: “We mustn't stop now” video
13:22 Piqué and Milito miss out on Jerez trip
13:08 Seville in the Cup
12:11 Xavi's award, the recognition of style
10:48 2009: Messi’s year, Barça’s year
10:48 The list of champions
10:35 The ninth Ballon d'Or for Barça video
10:30 A prize for Barça's youth policy
08:18 Ballon d'Or: Messi the number one video

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