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17.12.2009 12:07

Alves: "We have to play the game of our lives"

Marc Guillén / Roger Bogunyà

Dani Alves may have already won six major trophies this year, but he is desperate to help FC Barcelona win the FIFA Club World Cup at the weekend and complete a memorable 12 months.

Having helped the Blaugrana to five trophies, Alves also won the Confederations Cup with Brazil and now want to make it a full house. Speaking exclusively to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, he explained his desire to lift the trophy.

This Barça team are very resilient. If things do not go well, then the practiced moves come into play.

"It is our most important strength. The team works hard. Football is becoming more and more even and a practiced move can win a game."

What did you think when you conceded the first goal?

"We knew that it would be a difficult game because of their style. It is easy to playa against Barça because other teams have nothing to lose and so much to win. But despite the goal against us we remained calm and continued to search for an equaliser."

What did you think of the fans? They were supporting Barça.

2009-12-16_PARTIDO_031.JPG"This team is capable of winning over everyone. The supporters are very important and we are happy they are behind us."

Have you seen any Estudiantes games?

"I have seen more than one, but the biggest was the Copa Libertadores Final against Cruzeiro. They play well, right to the limit. We will have to be at our best. It is a final and we will try to win it."

Are you a winner?

"When I was born God touched me with a magic wand and made me a winner. The one thing I certainly am is a fighter. It would be incredible to win here because I have never won this trophy and it would be a big thing for everyone."

In 2009 you have won every trophy that you have competed for, with Barça and Brazil.

2009-12-17_ENTRENO_036.JPG"It has been the best year of my life in football. I have won everything I can and I am delighted. If we win here then we will go down in history."

Has anything been said about what the reaction will be if the team wins on Saturday?

"We do not think about that, but we know that the chance to become champions of the world is very important. It is not something everyone can win and we cannot give up this chance. We have to play the game of our lives."

How do you feel working under Pep Guardiola?

2009-12-14_ENTRENO_015.JPG"He is a fantastic coach. You learn so much with everything that he tells you. He loves the game and is very intelligent. He always looks for the good in everyone."

Do you enjoy going forward so much?

"That is why the club signed me. If I was a defensive player I may not have come. I always try to improve and to give something extra to the team. Now I am not going to change the way I play."

You are clearly delighted to pay football. Why?

2009-12-16_PARTIDO_066.JPG"Football can give you opportunities that you cannot have again and you have to be grateful. I have worked very hard to be here and to win so many trophies. In a year I have won everything I wanted and more. Each day I am thankful to play football and to be part of this team."

Are you comfortable in Barcelona?

"It is a spectacular city. I came from Seville, a friendly and attractive city. Barcelona has something extra. The fact my family is also happy here makes me even happier."

How is your Catalan?

"One day I will try to learn Catalan. I can understand almost everything, but I still find it difficult to speak. Putting the words in the correct order. But I guarantee that I will speak it."
Alves: “We have to play the game of our lives“

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Champions League draw
Who would you like to draw in the next round of the Champions League?

"After the group phase that we had I am not going to choose anyone. We had to work hard to qualify and to finish first. To go far in the competition you have to beat the best. There are no easy opponents now.

The good news is that the second leg is at home.

"That can be a key factor and can carry you to the final. Now have to take advantage of this."

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