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January 2009
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Saturday31 14:43 Guardiola: “This is a key game” video
12:45 Márquez back in the squad gallery
Friday30 13:52 Gudjohnsen: “That was a lesson” video
12:37 The only team in three competitions
12:10 Puyol ruled out for ten days video
11:34 Playing for a place at Mestalla
00:51 Guardiola: “It was hard for us”
Thursday29 23:59 Bojan: “Goals bring me confidence”
23:55 Third consecutive cup semi
Wednesday28 14:03 Guardiola: “This is all or nothing” video
13:15 Keita doubtful for derby gallery
13:06 Milito back on the pitch gallery
Tuesday27 19:43 Maradona selects Messi
14:50 "We’ve got to be quick” video
11:55 Keita and Márquez rejoin squad gallery
11:06 History supports Barça
Monday26 14:35 Samuel Eto'o moves up goalscorer table
14:07 Abidal in fine form video
12:38 Márquez trains; Keita in gym gallery
Sunday25 13:50 Everything comes to he who waits
13:28 Two away from goal 5,000
Saturday24 23:59 Laporta: ”About Messi, they want to unsettle us” video
23:58 Guardiola: “The team were patient”
23:57 Messi: “I’ll never leave Barça” video
23:55 Iniesta: “It felt very good”
13:10 Keita out
Friday23 14:08 "It will not be a goalfest” video
11:53 Finishing touches gallery
Thursday22 14:36 Statistical leaders too
14:01 Xavi: “We are favourites against Espanyol” video
13:50 Márquez, out for one or two weeks video
Wednesday21 23:59 “We have come away with a decent result”
23:58 “We must be attentive in the second leg”
13:15 Messi, Xavi and Puyol in the team
12:06 Differing fortunes since league encounter
11:59 End of superb away day record
Tuesday20 18:58 Guardiola and Pochettino, familiar rivals
14:30 Guardiola wary of Espanyol video
12:42 All set for the cup gallery
12:27 Barça’s best ever new coach
11:13 Cup derbies
10:57 Puyol, Xavi and Messi in FIFA ideal XI
Monday19 13:58 Alves: “We can’t ease up” video
12:04 First team moves into new Ciudad Deportiva gallery
Sunday18 12:55 Goodbye to La Masia gallery
11:59 A goals tally from a different era
Saturday17 22:58 “I’m comforted by the players’ spirit and talent”
22:56 “If we don’t win the league, records count for nothin
21:50 Unprecedented first half
11:42 Goal 5000 on the way
Friday16 14:01 “We have to not break this dynamic” video
12:16 Happy birthday to Keita gallery
Thursday15 19:17 Guardiola goes for zone defence
14:24 Jorquera: “I’m staying” video
14:20 Touré: “I’m happy at Barça”
13:19 Comebacks all down to spirit
12:20 Recuperation at La Masia gallery
Wednesday14 23:53 "I am delighted to play and even more so when I score"
23:51 Guardiola: “I hope it’s a good derby”
23:50 Espanyol in quarter finals
Tuesday13 14:31 Guardiola: "It is not over yet" video
13:43 Rivaldo greets former colleagues gallery
12:44 Full squad for training gallery
12:17 A Barça top ten gallery
Monday12 21:30 Messi second and Xavi fifth in FIFA World Player Awards
21:25 Barça stars in Zurich video
14:22 Eto'o: “Our only limit is winning titles” video
13:42 Monday: First Ciudad Deportiva training session
13:36 Opening up the gap
12:52 Legendary goals by the number 10 at Pamplona
09:15 Messi and Xavi to attend FIFA World Player gala
Sunday11 23:59 Record number of away wins
23:52 Guardiola: “Good lesson for the future”
23:48 “We’re proud and you see that on the pitch”
Saturday10 18:03 Bojan returns to ground where he made his debut
15:33 "I don't care where the other team is in the table" video
13:24 Five missing from Cup back gallery
Friday09 12:55 Moving to the Ciutat Deportiva video
12:36 Xavi set to play 300th league game
10:37 “We need more possession and pressure”
Thursday08 19:52 Training and goals (1-1) gallery
18:25 “We have to help Messi to develop more” video
14:40 Honours even at the Reyno de Navarra
13:25 Connection working down the right
Wednesday07 16:34 Messi’s record breaking continues
14:14 Pinto: “The key is our strength as a team”
11:22 Training in front of the fans gallery
Tuesday06 23:22 Cáceres: “I felt very comfortable”
22:42 Second hat-trick and ovation for Messi gallery
22:36 Guardiola pleased with ambitious spirit
12:32 Madrid welcomes Barça
12:20 Workout for players not selected gallery
Monday05 18:55 Traditional Cup rivals
14:13 “It’s going to be a really tough tie” video
12:57 Rotations for the Cup gallery
12:16 Three points for first half of season record
10:00 Barça speaks a lot of languages
Sunday04 13:26 Persistence produces Barça comebacks
12:56 Valdés, with his mind on the Cup video
12:04 Maradona watches training gallery
Saturday03 23:30 Alves: "It strengthens you to win like this"
23:15 Guardiola highlights team’s great shape
22:52 Great return for Iniesta
13:34 Piqué, out for sure against Mallorca
Friday02 21:59 Guardiola: “We are not unbeatable” video
19:55 Alves and Messi back in training video
14:30 “People are enjoying Barça's football” video
12:16 Maradona to return to Camp Nou
Thursday01 20:51 "I am focussed on Barcelona" video
19:01 Cáceres back for first session of 2009 gallery

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