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13.01.2009 14:31

Guardiola: "It is not over yet"

Anna Segura

Although he knows they are going to the Atlético Madrid cup match with a good first leg result behind them, the Barça manager pointed out that games between these sides "are always unpredictable and anything could happen".

FC Barcelona can go into the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday as long as there are no catastrophes against Atlético Madrid. The 3-1 win in the away leg gives them a massive advantage, but Guardiola is remaining cautious, and said "it is only during the game that we will see whether we are the favourites”.

Nothing decided

He is aware that nothing has been decided yet, but is sure “we will play a good game and get through the round.” He thinks it would be best to forget about what happened in the first leg and “play with time”. The only error his side could commit would be to "think more about what we did rather than what we have to do … we have to keep insisting. Go out and win the game”.

Being careful

13-01-09_WEB_GUARDIOLA_01.jpgGuardiola does not think Javier Aguirre’s side has thrown in the towel quite yet, and thus “we have enough reasons to stay cautious.” As we saw in the game on Sunday against Osasuna "you can score two goals against us in ten minutes”, so an Atlético comeback is by no means out of the question.

In Pamplona, "small warning"

Speaking after the game in Pamplona, Josep Guardiola said "we played with fire". Nevertheless, the Barça manager felt that "it was generally a good performance. But we went out poorly in the second half and that is when any team can score against you” But he added that “this was the first time” such a thing had happened to his team and “I think my obligation as a coach is to take note of that and make the team aware".

No problem with Hleb

13-01-09_WEB_GUARDIOLA_05.jpgGuardiola also wished to make it patently clear that he has no problems with Alexander Hleb. "I don’t understand the stuff that’s being published. They have created a confrontation between me and the player that never happened. He has a problem with his ankle but he’s recovered now".

On Milito, who is still receiving treatment in Argentina, he announced that the player will shortly be back in Barcelona "but I am no hurry, I know that sooner or later he’ll be back with us".

Move to the Ciudad Deportiva

Next Monday the first team will be changing training ground to the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The manager is looking forward to what he sees as an improvement. “We’ll be better off there” he said. “We’ll have more pitches to train on".
Guardiola: “It is not over yet“

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FIFA World Player award
Josep Guardiola congratulated all the nominees for the FIFA World Player award and especially the winner, Cristiano Ronaldo. Although neither Xavi nor Messi won the biggest accolade, the Barça manager said "they should feel happy to be among the best in the world. I hope they have a good year and that we win titles and therefore get more nominees and have a better chance of winning the top prize".

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