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21.01.2009 23:59

Gudjohnsen: “We have come away with a good enough result”


Gudjohsen admitted that “it was not the most attractive game of the season” but he did consider that the goalless draw against Espanyol in the Copa del Rey was “good enough because it is knockout tie and this was the away game”.

The Icelandic international added that “a derby is never easy, but now the second match is in Camp Nou and it will be decided there”.

All the players agreed that it was not a bad result given that the next meeting will be at home and that will be where the winners will be found. Below are what some of the Barça stars had to say after the game.


“We knew that it would be a difficult game. They started very well and they created some chances. In the second half we improved and we controlled the game.”

“They have a good team, better than their league position indicates. However, against us they are always highly motivated.”

“We have the second leg to come and we expect to win.”


“We play a lot of games during a season and games like this can help some players find their fitness and confidence. The decisions of the coach should be respected.”

“We could have played better, but Espanyol wre very strong and the factor of a new trainer motivated them.”


“It was complicated game, but we have to stay calm because we still have the second leg to come at home.”

“We always want win, but today things were a bit more difficult. The draw is not helpful to us, but there are 90 minutes left.”

“The way they started surprised us, they pressed from the start and played well.”

“The coach wants the team to play the ball from back and it is something that I am learning and want to be able to do the very best that I can.”


“Many derbies are like this, very even and with a lot of interruption to the play. We tried to find our rhythm, but could not. At least we were able to keep a clean sheet.”

“We were unable to find a way through and needed to be more profound, but also because Espanyol made things difficult for us.”

“The introduction of a new coach generates a new desire. Equally, we knew that the tie would be difficult against them anyway.”

“It is a good result when considering that the second leg is at home.”
Gudjohnsen: “We have come away with a good enough result”

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