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17.01.2009 21:50

Unprecedented first half

Roger Bogunyà

Barça’s win against Deportivo ended the best first half of a league season in history. 16 wins, 2 draws and just one defeat amount to an all-time record of 50 points in 19 games.

The 5-0 win against Deportivo was the finest end to the first half of the season that Barça could have wished for. The win leaves Josep Guardiola’s side with 50 points, the first time any club has made it to the half century with the second half of the season yet to play.

Better than 2005/06

Barça’s best first half until now was in 2005/05, with Frank Rijkaard on the bench. That season they managed 46 points in their first 19 games. They have managed to beat that by four this time.

Also absolute record

But 50 is not just Barça’s best record, but is the best that any side has ever managed in La Liga. The record was in possession of Real Madrid, who just last season made it to 47 under Bernd Schuster. This year Barça have managed to beat that by three clear points. Nothing short of magnificent!
Unprecedented first half
The best starts
2008/09: Barça (50 points)
2007/08: R. Madrid (47 points)
2005/06 Barça (46 points)

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