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14.01.2009 23:53

Bojan: "I am delighted to play and even more so when I score"


"I am very happy to be playing. I am enjoying it and having fun. And if I score goals as well, so much the better" said Bojan after scoring tonight in the Copa del Rey, a competition in which he has appeared in every game so far.

The Barça players also highlighted the importance of having been able to maintain their good form in a game "where the important thing was to qualify, but if we are playing well too, then that shows the team is doing things right".

All of the players expressed their delight at still being in three different competitions, and also spoke about the next game with Espanyol, although a more pressing matter is the league game with Deportivo.

Sergio Busquets:

"The most important thing was to get through the round, that was the target. The team played well for several minutes against a difficult opponent".

"When we went behind we had a mountain to climb, but the team was able to turn it around".

"It is better not to have to make a comeback but to lead from the start, but there are games like the one today and the one the other day, where these things happen".

"A derby is always a nice game to play in, but first we have to think about Deportivo".


"Playing games like this is a bonus for any player because we get time on the pitch, and it’s good for team spirit and making sure everybody feels valued".

"I think it’s funny that they say we field a reserve team for the cup. The truth is we have two strong teams that can play at the highest level".

"We all have our value and the players just accept the roles the coach gives us. And if that’s bringing results, so much the better".

"When I crossed for Bojan to score, he saw me, he sensed the pass intuitively and lost his marker. I produced a good cross and he shot very well".

"We are dealing with the situation well and not looking at records, but at totting up the points and moving away from our rivals each day. Records don’t mean anything in the end, only having cups in your hands".


"I’m fine after the knock in my head. I have still got some trouble with my arm but nothing serious".

"I was affected by letting in a goal, but you shouldn’t give too much importance to goals from set pieces".

"You feel valued when you play. You can help from outside too, but it’s nicer to be on the pitch, I’m really pleased".

"I will keep working to keep the manager’s confidence. He knows what I can do”.


"The important thing was to win and move into the next round".

"In the first half I made a few mistakes that could have cost us the game, but we rescued things with a win and that’s what’s most important".

"It is good for all the players to get minutes because we are in three competitions and we have to do as well as we can in all three".

"We are enthusiastic about the derby, for all it represents to our people".


"We had a good lead from the first leg. We played a very professional game, playing well, and there were chances for some of the players that don’t get to play as often".

"We imposed a fast pace and the second goal in the second half was enough to sentence the match".

"I don’t know if our fitness is better than last season, but we are certainly playing at a very fast pace in every game, and our opponents struggle to keep up".

"The boss said we would all play. There always some that play more, but when you win titles it’s because of the strengths of the whole squad".

"A goal always helps, but I have to say all the merit has to go to Iniesta, he made an amazing move".
Bojan: “I am delighted to play and even more so when I score“
Training on Thursday
On Thursday the first team will return to training at 11:30 at La Masía. It will be a session behind closed doors, after which Touré Yaya will give a press conference.

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