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September 2007
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Sunday30 14:17 Puyol returns with his batteries charged video
13:26 Sixth hat-trick of the Rijkaard era
13:12 Ronaldinho and Márquez back in the squad video
12:51 Touré out for four weeks
Saturday29 23:58 Xavi: “The team is playing very well”
23:57 Rijkaard: "We played very comfortably"
12:05 Struggling at the bottom
Friday28 14:25 “If we play like this, we will win" video
13:43 Touré regrets Matuzalem’s injury
12:21 Six scorers in first six games
11:20 Puyol is back in the squad video
09:16 Three Barça Stars called up for World Cup duty
Thursday27 14:30 100 games for Deco video
16:17 Zambrotta, out for four weeks
14:07 Xavi: "This is the Barça we want”
13:28 Things back to normal for Puyol
13:08 Goals and crowds at the Camp Nou
12:19 Ronaldinho continue to improve video
Wednesday26 23:59 Rijkaard: "I have seen a great team"
23:57 Iniesta: "We are in great form"
12:12 Ronaldinho trains in front of La Masía
11:29 Zaragoza hoping for a surprise
Tuesday25 19:13 Training test for Ronaldinho
17:21 Abidal and Valdés ever presents
14:31 “The team is really committed” video
12:41 Just one change: Ezquerro for Gudjohnsen
Monday24 14:33 Messi scores first penalty video
13:29 Ronaldinho continues treatment
11:44 The Milito brothers go head to head
Sunday23 14:16 Touré Yaya: “Messi is exceptional”
12:52 Light recovery session
Saturday22 23:59 Satisfaction with the win and the performance
23:58 Rijkaard: “We deserved the win”
13:27 Ronaldinho to miss Sevilla match
Friday21 15:21 Frank Rijkaard wants a united Barça video
12:30 19 names to receive Sevilla
16:05 Henry impressed with Barça support
Thursday20 13:38 Messi keeps his feet on the ground video
12:39 Puyol back with the group video
Wednesday19 23:59 “The fans were a big help”
23:58 Players believe win will boost confidence
23:12 Bojan –Barca’s youngest ever in Europe
Tuesday18 21:01 Messi and Márquez in the squad video
20:43 Rijkaard wants unity and confidence video
20:03 Abidal uneasy about facing former club
19:35 “Possession of the ball will be the key”
15:57 Lyon arrive in form video
12:43 "Lyon have learned to fear nobody"
11:57 Starting out on the road to Moscow
Monday17 14:35 Bojan: “A dream come true” video
14:21 Deco asks for patience
13:40 Touré: respect for an old friend video
12:50 Messi joins in training video
Sunday16 23:59 Deco calls on players to find solutions
23:52 “This does not reflect the work we are doing”
10:24 A new look team for Osasuna
Saturday15 13:48 Rijkaard: "We are ready" video
12:42 Everyone available included
11:40 Messi misses Pamplona trip
Friday14 17:05 Gudjohnsen: “I’m staying here” video
14:44 “We’re ready, physically and mentally”
14:34 Laporta: “Clubs must be compensated”
12:49 Messi, doubtful for Osasuna game
12:17 "We’ve got to work harder than Osasuna”
11:32 They’re all back! video
Thursday13 21:33 “We have to have confidence in our possibilities” video
19:33 Rijkaard gets squad back
16:46 Two goals to remember
10:07 Ronaldinho leads Brazil to win over Mexico
00:56 Xavi and Iniesta on song for Spain
Wednesday12 19:32 Oleguer working hard
13:50 Sylvinho looking to the future video
13:01 Ten Barça stars in action
12:35 Wednesday training session video
Tuesday11 23:59 Eusebio praises attitude
12:53 Laporta: “Unity is fundamental”
10:48 Light training session prior to final video
Monday10 14:07 Rijkaard sees no favourite video
12:50 Gudjohnsen given clearance
11:48 Final preparations in the Mini video
Sunday09 18:56 Back to work on Monday
13:59 Rijkaard: "It all looks very positive"
00:12 Three draws for Barça’s Euro stars
Saturday08 12:43 11 Barça players in international action
11:06 Four Barça players in search of lead
Friday07 20:13 Gudjohnsen to return next week
13:52 Players On Five Continents
13:43 "The Barça has the correct philosophy" video
12:07 Márquez trains before heading off video
Thursday06 14:22 Márquez:” We’re still hurting”. video
13:59 A night to remember
12:30 Thursday training video
Wednesday05 23:59 Eusebio: “2-1 was the turning point”
14:24 Laporta to request Catalonia v USA is played video
13:00 Eight new players
12:17 Edmílson continues recovery in Brazil
Tuesday04 14:20 “It will be a different type of game" video
11:50 18 former Barça stars in 11 teams
11:45 Training with the B team video
Monday03 18:56 Puyol presence boosts training
14:55 Ezquerro explains why he’s still at Barca video
14:28 New faces in training
12:45 The first internationals jet off video
Sunday02 22:31 “We had a winning mentality”
22:13 “The team looked very fresh in the first half"
Saturday01 15:48 Eto'o’s operation a success
14:22 "We have always suffered against Athletic" video
13:36 Everyone included video
12:47 Xavi proud as landmark approaches video

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