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21.09.2007 15:21

Frank Rijkaard wants a united Barça

Berta Brau

Frank Rijkaard has leapt to the defence of Ronaldinho after the Brazilian's form was criticsed recently and stated that the player does not need to prove anything and will continue to be a key member of the FC Barcelona squad.

"Ronaldinho is showing that he is one of the best players int he world and I do not think he needs to hear any advice from me about that and neither does need to hear how he can improve," the coach explained. "He is working hard to be at peak fitness and his quality should never be doubted. He is incredible at set pieces and that is a very important weapon for us and I think that Ronaldinho is capable of doing what we all know he is capable of. He is a truly magnificent player and he has to come back and we are working to ensure that he does."

Making changes

Rijkaard then moved on to explain why he chose to substitute the Brazilian in Barça last two games. "There are a lot of games throughout the season and it is quite normal to make these changes," he said. "Everyone here are good players and we have to think about everything that we do and decisions have to made likethis from time to time. It is just as difficult to replace any one player as it is another."

United front

qm3d8420.jpg"Barça is dependent on everyone being together, hard work, a good mentality, a great attitude and for all the players to know each other and be friends and it all comes together when they go out and play well on the pitch," the Dutchman continued, as he reflected on his beliefs about how to make the team stronger.

An important encounter

Looking ahead to the game against Sevilla at the weekend, Rijkaard said: "It is a very important match as Juande Ramos' side are always very competitive. Even though it will not be easy, everyone is looking forward to it and the motivation is there to go out and earn a good result. In order to win we have to be aware of their individual qualities and how they work as a team and that they have great united. They are a team that plays close together."

One too many

Rijkaard has named 19 players for the squad, one more than is actually allowed and he explained that "some of the squad are carrying knocks, but they are not serious injuries and we will wait until the morning before we decide who is to be left out".

The trainer then stated that he did not believe the rumours of Ronaldinho going out partying the day before a game. "The rule is that for 48 hours before a match the players are not allowed to go to certain places," he said. "We have to believe in the honesty of the players and if he says that it is not true then I believe him."
Frank Rijkaard wants a united Barça

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Mourinho’s exit
Frank Rijkaard was not willing to talk about his thoughts on why José Mourinho had left Chelsea, but he did praise the Portuguese coach: "To give an opinion on the reasons that he has gone would mean you would have to know something and in my case I do not. I think that he is one of the best coaches I have seen in recent years and has done some great work."

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