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February 2010
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Sunday28 17:19 International friendlies define the week
14:07 “We are ready for the games to come” video
13:28 Messi overtakes Ronnie
12:08 More points than this time last year
Saturday27 23:59 Guardiola: “One of our best performances at home”
23:50 Pedro marks 50th game with a great goal
13:43 Alves fit to feature against Malaga video
11:48 Puyol: “We were ourselves again”
11:34 Spanish League Preview Week 24
Friday26 14:42 Guardiola: "I think we will win something" video
13:37 Piqué staying until 2015 video
13:23 Piqué’s rise to prominence gallery
12:45 Del Bosque calls up five Barça stars
11:50 Youngsters join Málaga preparations gallery
Thursday25 18:30 20 players back in training video
17:39 “It’s much harder after winning six titles” video
13:53 Arnau: "It is special to return to the Camp Nou" video
10:17 1-1, a guarantee of qualification
Wednesday24 14:20 Training cancelled due to late return from Stuttgart gallery
13:29 91 TV channels show Barça
12:21 Milito back to his best
Tuesday23 23:59 “A good result, but we must improve” video
23:57 Xavi: “I felt fine” video
10:43 Stuttgart-FCB: Did you know…? video
10:24 Spanish League Roundup Week 23
Monday22 19:59 Xavi, Alves and Ibra train with squad gallery
19:51 Guardiola demands more video
18:42 Messi: "We cannot make mistakes" video
12:46 Barça arrive in Stuttgart gallery
11:51 “We haven’t forgotten the last 16 tie last season” video
10:15 Training schedule adapts to return of midweek football
Sunday21 18:02 Cacau: “The home tie is key”
13:18 Puyol: “the win is a morale booster” video
11:28 Alves and Xavi in for Stuttgart trip video
Saturday20 23:37 Thiago: “it’s a dream come true” video
23:20 Guardiola: “We need to take a step forward” video
21:46 Iniesta back on target
17:41 Spanish League Preview Week 23
13:33 Chygrynsky and Touré fit for Racing gallery
12:06 Luís García – a footballing globe trotter
Friday19 18:57 Barca to honour 1985 Champions
15:26 Guardiola: "The hour of truth has come" video
13:22 Guardiola hits the 100 mark
12:34 Touré and Chygrynskiy hoping to be ready video
Thursday18 13:59 Piqué: “We’re buzzing with confidence” video
11:58 Guardiola: Game 100 on the way video
11:56 Chygrynskiy and Touré back in training gallery
Wednesday17 13:56 Busquets: "We haven’t relaxed" video
11:58 Chygrynskiy and Touré step up training programme
11:26 Up to ten players unavailable
11:12 Henry and Grimau meet gallery
Tuesday16 18:32 Platini: Messi is the star of stars
17:50 Pep donates fine money to ALS foundation video
14:37 Midfield changes required
12:28 2009: Defeat in the Calderón led to the title
11:00 Iniesta set for 300 games
10:58 "It is almost impossible to have an unbeaten season" video
Monday15 16:39 Ibra gets 7 out of 12 from first touch
14:06 Pedro: “We had to lose some day” video
13:02 Xavi out for 15 days
13:00 Losing to Atlético but winning the League
12:59 Alves back in training video
12:38 Other stories from the game
Sunday14 23:59 Guardiola: "We have not played our game"
23:58 Bartra: “I’ll remember this for being my debut” video
22:50 Valdés draws level with Sadurní
22:10 Keita out for four weeks
Saturday13 13:56 “We’ll see Atlético at their best” video
12:31 Jonathan, Muniesa and Bartra in squad gallery
12:18 Spanish League Preview Week 22
Friday12 14:29 Iniesta: “The absences are no excuse” video
12:43 Morale booster for Atlético ahead of Barça
12:33 Tactical training video
Thursday11 13:55 Jeffren: "I am ready for any challenge" video
12:09 Aguirre visits Barça video
12:05 Four youngsters train video
11:35 Barça and Messi nominated for Laureus awards
11:30 Forwards are defensive key
Wednesday10 14:34 Chygrynskiy injury shock
13:34 Jeffren, a winger in constant progression gallery
13:00 Jeffren extends deal until 2012 gallery
11:48 FCB Announcement
11:16 Bojan: “Guardiola’s words give me strength” video
Tuesday09 15:38 Abidal out for 6-8 weeks
13:46 Maxwell's hour video
13:14 Puyol trains separately gallery
12:05 3.500 fans defy the rain video
Monday08 14:18 Valdés: “I’m happy with my current form" video
13:02 Red Card Reaction
13:02 Spanish League Roundup: Round 21
11:54 Monday training video
Sunday07 18:15 Reus and Vicente Calderón centre attention this week
14:46 Euro 2012: tough group for Ibra, easy for the rest
12:36 Players show they can rise above adversity
12:17 Iniesta: “I want to be better than last year” video
Saturday06 23:18 “This game will make us stronger” video
23:00 Alves out for three weeks and Touré for 10-15 days
17:07 Spanish League Preview Week 21
13:05 Alves given medical OK to play
12:57 Messi offers Golden Ball Trophy to the Museum video
Friday05 14:21 "Ibra is playing to a very high level"
12:48 Alves back to normal gallery
11:16 Puyol missing for seventh time
Thursday04 14:40 Chygrynskiy: "I will succeed here" video
13:06 Barça break viewing record
12:07 Dalmau trains again gallery
10:48 Good memories for Chygrynskiy
10:29 Getafe’s springboard
Wednesday03 14:45 Keita denies referee favouritism video
13:51 Xavi supports great cause video
12:03 Henry back in training video
10:47 Iniesta ready for 200th league appearance
Tuesday02 14:17 Márquez: “I want to continue in this vein" video
12:25 Crowds turn out in Palafrugell video
11:51 Henry out with gastroenteritis video
11:45 Plenty of games for next three opponents
Monday01 18:12 A Fabulous Year
17:46 Keirrison moves to Fiorentina on loan
13:53 Barça academy leads the way video
12:37 Barça maintain winning habit
12:22 Edmilson joins Zaragoza
11:00 Spanish League Roundup: Round 20

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