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24.02.2010 13:29

91 TV channels show Barça


The first leg of the Champions League R16 tie between Barça and Stuttgart was broadcast by 91 TV stations around the world. The coverage was comparable to that of a CL semi-final.

It had been two and a half months since Barça last played in Europe and the interest from around the world was intense. As a consequence 91 TV channels, from Japan to Panama, and including Thailand and Indonesia, broadcast the match live.

New format expands TV coverage

Stuttgart-FCB_x24x.JPGApart from the interest in seeing the European champions back in action, the new R16 format that spreads the matches over a two-week period has allowed greater TV coverage.

In addition, Barça v Stuttgart was played at the same time as the match between Olympiacos and Girondins, which was a less attractive duel for the neutrals.

Similar to the semi-finals

According to the UEFA, the fact 91 channels broadcast last night’s match is more appropriate for a semi-final, with the final just a step away.

Around the world

Logically, most interest in the UEFA Champions League comes from Europe, where most of the TV coverage was concentrated. However, there was also plenty of interest from the four corners of the globe, from countries such as China, Japan, Macao, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Peru and Bolivia, among others. Also, channels such as Eurosport, Africa Independent Television, ESPN Asia, and FOX Sport in Latin America also allowed millions of spectators to follow the clash against Stuttgart.
91 TV channels show Barça
Most watched programme
Barça’s return to the Champions League against Stuttgart recorded the highest viewing figures of the day in Spain. The match was broadcast by Televisión Española and watched by an average of 7.3 million viewers, an audience share of 37.2%. The viewing figures peaked at 22:34, with more than 9 million viewers, a share of 40.4%.

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