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16.02.2010 10:58

Maxwell: "It is almost impossible to have an unbeaten season"

Sandra Sarmiento

Maxwell is excited about having a chance to shine at FC Barcelona and he is hopeful of being to help the club enjoy another successful season.

The Brazilian told Barça TV and ww.fcbarcelona.cat about his ambitions and how he has coped with having to wait for his chance this term for an opportunity to play.

Everyone had a bad day?

A05.jpg“Yes. It was a bad day against a very strong team and we made things complicated for ourselves at times but we are conscious that we have a week to work on things and that we have to remember that there are still a lot of games left.”

Real Madrid have cut the gap two points. Do you feel that now a new challenge with them is starting?

“We have always maintained our focus and there is a long way to go, many points to play for and we do not think like that. To be leaders lets us be calm but the responsibility to win always exists and we will do everything possible to continue winning as many points as possible.”

Have the squad talked about the reasons for the defeat?

2010-02-15_ENTRENO_58.jpg“We know that we did not have a great game. We made mistakes at times when we do not normally make mistakes and their forwards were very quick and had great technique. These are things that can happen. It is almost impossible to go through the entire season unbeaten and we have plenty of time to bounce back.”

In the past few weeks there was talk that the team could win every game left?

“We always want to win every match, but that is very difficult, virtually impossible. It is something that happens once every 50 years. When is more important is that we continue to play well. Until now we have had a spectacular league campaign with some great games and we have won a lot of points and that gives us great confidence to continue.”

Seydou Keita and Xavi picked up injuries against Atlético. Do the injuries complicate things?

“It is difficult because with injuries and suspensions we have many players unavailable. It is complicated but everyone is working to come back as quickly as possible. These are things that happen though.”

One bright spot on Sunday was Ibrahimovic’s goal. He scored after five games which was good, was it not?

117959.jpg“A striker always needs to score goals. It is important for his own confidence. But he has been playing well and creating chances which has meant he has stayed calm. I do think that he became obsessed about it. But scoring goals is what he likes best and we hope that he will score a lot more.”

Marc Bartra made his first-team debut on Sunday. Are you surprised by the calmness and no outward signs of nerves shown by Barça’s youngsters?

“It does not surprise me because we train with them during the week. They have a lot of quality, a great desire and, what is more, they are trusted by the coach. The squad is delighted that Marc made his debut, just like when the other young players are given a chance. They have a great future here and everyone is pleased for them.”

You have been a popular player since you arrived and appear to settle into the squad very quickly.

“The truth is that I was welcomed in. When that happens you feel a lot calmer and things go much better. Everyone has helped me a lot and I always try to be a positive influence. I am honest in my work and always do all I can for the squad. The players here have been really great.”

Barça won everything last year. Is the atmosphere one of the keys to success?

2009-07-17_PRESENTACION_DE_MAXWELL_007.JPG“For sure. It is one of the main things. You can work hard and play well but is the squad is not united and pulling in the same direction then it is difficult to win trophies. One of the keys to success is to have a squad like this. It is true squad, united hard working and mentally very strong.”

You came from a great club at Inter. What were the main differences between the squads?

“In Milan the squad was also very strong, but here it is different. The culture is different, the football is different that the atmosphere is calmer. More cheerful.”

A while back you said you feel more motivated here tan you were at Inter. Do you still feel that?

“I am highly motivated. My last few months at Inter were very difficult and then I joined a club that was winning everything and the hunger to win more trophies motivated me greatly. It is a real challenge for me, a challenge that I am enjoying.”

How difficult has it been to adapt to the Barça way of playing?

“The philosophy of play has not been difficult to learn. There have been things to learn about defensive situations and positioning. These things are always different when you move clubs. But the coach is always watching out and is working out ways for me to defend better.”

Why do you think Guardiola is so highly regarded by everyone?

2009-07-20_GUARDIOLA_02.jpg“He deserves to be because he is the complete coach. He really understands football, he speaks a lot to the players, he is very open and prepares for games very well. He is a complete coach and is very motivated to win even more. He deserves all the praise he given.”

Is he the best coach you have ever worked under?

“Yes, for sure. Due to the way he works and for the intensity with which he works. Until now he is the most complete coach I have known.”

Éric Abidal has played more games tan you this season. Do you see now as your chance?

“Abi has had an incredible season. He is playing at a very high level and deserves to be in the team. I work in order to be ready to take over. Now he is injured I intend to do the best I can for the team. I want to continue the great work that he has been doing. Every player has his own strengths but he deserves to be in the team because he has played very well this term.”

How have you coped with not playing regularly?

2010-02-15_ENTRENO_59.jpg“I have used it to motivate myself because I have to be ready when the chance comes. It is true that it is difficult when a player is playing so well but personally it motivates me more. Now I am delighted to see the players have the confidence they have. Personal objectives never go in front of the team’s aims.”

Do you see the next few games as your great chance?

“I intend to show I deserve my place in the team. If the coach gives me more chances then it is my opportunity to use all my desire. I intend to be a positive influence for the team. We have to win some vital games and I aim to win my place by working hard each day.”
Maxwell: “It is almost impossible to have an unbeaten season“

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Never before played in Camp Nou
Before joining Barça you had never played in Camp Nou, had you? What did you think the first time?

“That is true and I really wanted to. Inter played there in the Gamper but I stayed in Italy because we had an important game two days later. I was impressed by its beauty, the people and the atmosphere. It is incredible and it is one of the many reasons why Barça are such a special club.”

From the outside do you think Barça generates dislike or admiration?

“I think admiration. Maybe some people are envious, but I think that the team has generated more admiration around the world, not just in Europe. By the way they play and the winning of trophies. Whoever likes football must like those things

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