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May 2009
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Sunday31 18:01 Squad break up for summer
12:22 Record breaking figures
Saturday30 23:40 Botía: “to play with these players is a joy”
23:23 Vilanova: “We did the job”
23:13 Eto’o joint third top scorer
Friday29 20:43 27 off to La Coruña
20:07 Immortalized with the three cups gallery
19:58 “We’ll respond to the challenge next year”
13:41 Champions League full of challenges overcome
Thursday28 23:59 An historic season gallery
18:19 Joy in the streets of Barcelona gallery
18:10 The Champions of Europe have arrived video
13:56 Guardiola: Four out of four
13:09 Three titles and personal records
12:59 Barça makes history in the Eternal City video
11:42 Villa Aurelia rocks with Barça
Wednesday27 23:55 VIPs talk of Barça’s “superiority”
23:45 Messi crowned king of the Champions League
23:41 The fans party in the Miniestadi gallery
23:26 Laporta: “This is the best Barça team ever”
23:00 Iniesta: "The perfect end to a great season" gallery
23:00 “We know we have done something great” video
22:47 Champions for the third time
10:20 Home talent makes the difference
10:20 FCB v Manchester United: Did you know?
Tuesday26 20:53 Guardiola calls for courage and audacity video
20:01 Puyol: “We have a historic opportunity” video
19:29 “Defending is a good foundation for winning” video
18:43 Ronaldo says game about more than him and Messi
11:49 Txiki: “We have to finish off the job” video
11:12 Paris champions rooting for Barça
Monday25 19:33 United are in Rome
16:52 Forecasts from the heroes of Wembley
14:44 “We’re coming into the final in great shape” video
14:25 United strikeforce
13:05 Iniesta and Henry train with the team gallery
12:37 Champions League memories video
10:48 Albertini shows us Rome
Sunday24 14:28 “Messi more determinant that Ronaldo” video
13:55 Víctor Sánchez sidelined for four weeks
13:05 United at the back
11:46 Piqué admired in Manchester video
Saturday23 23:55 “They won’t let you down on Wednesday”
23:52 Muniesa has bittersweet debut
23:10 Party time for champions gallery
11:29 Busquets: from Rotterdam to Rome video
Friday22 14:30 "We will be looking to win against Osasuna video
13:14 Henry back with the first team squad gallery
12:19 Messi and Xavi missed out in Paris
Thursday21 20:08 "We will be brave and they know it" video
19:13 Media spotlight on training gallery
18:40 Messi: “We deserve the title” video
16:30 Alves out for three weeks
11:04 Iniesta: “My injury is progressing well” gallery
Wednesday20 18:52 Wednesday training with Rome in mind gallery
18:28 Busquets counting the days video
14:16 Giggs: “A dream final”
13:43 “Barça reflects Guardiola’s philosophy”
12:21 Messi and Ronaldo, the stars of the moment
11:18 The best attack against the meanest defence
Tuesday19 19:47 Rome’s a very special game for Piqué
13:18 Ferguson and Guardiola- two contrasting managers
12:49 Familiar feel to Rome for Barca players
12:11 FCB-Manchester: some memorable European nights
11:10 Mixed fortunes in Pre-Final games
Monday18 13:32 FCB v Osasuna, Saturday 23 at 21.00
13:23 Guardiola joins select group
12:44 Countdown to Rome
11:57 Valdés to recover Zamora
Sunday17 22:13 Guardiola: “It was the players who did it”
22:07 Competitive debuts for Xavi Torres, Jeffren and Thiago
21:55 Eto'o: “I’ll need to score in Rome”
14:07 First League title for seven Barça players
12:32 Welcomed with cries of “Champions!” gallery
10:54 Changes to squad
Saturday16 23:59 Laporta: “It’s historic” video
23:55 Second title in four days
23:53 19th League title
23:53 Exceptional double video
23:49 “An unforgettable month for Barça” video
18:22 ManU clinch Premier League title (0-0)
14:59 “We shouldn’t think we’re already champions” video
14:58 Ono Estadi is happy hunting ground
12:01 Puyol one away from 300 League appearances
11:09 Basel Cup Winners’ Cup triumph 30 years on
Friday15 16:41 League up for grabs this weekend
16:07 The King of Cups in numbers
14:11 Messi, Henry and Puyol reveal values
13:51 Touré: “This is Barça’s year” video
12:23 Champions back at work gallery
Thursday14 14:42 The Champions have arrived gallery
13:30 King of the Cups in Europe
13:07 Press praise for Barça
12:48 The Touré factor video
Wednesday13 23:59 Guardiola: “Winning like that fills me with joy” video
23:58 Laporta: “We have touched glory”
23:56 Dani Alves: “A Cup to treasure” video
23:55 First of the Guardiola era
23:55 Henry: “It’s a victory for everyone”
23:52 The 25th: The King of Cups gallery
23:51 100th title in club history video
23:49 Explosion of joy at Mestalla video
10:30 Where are they now?
Tuesday12 21:48 A date with history for Athletic
16:27 Hesp: Barca’s last Cup winning hero
15:14 Successful thumb op for Jorquera video
14:35 “It’s been a while since we won the Cup too” video
14:02 Abidal appeal dismissed
13:38 Guardiola to take whole squad to Mestalla gallery
10:40 What was the current squad doing in 1998?
Monday11 18:32 Jorquera injured and needs operation
18:29 Abidal and Alves appeals turned down
17:16 Battle of the academies
14:35 Puyol: “You can do it if you believe”
12:33 Iniesta has chance of making Rome video
12:15 17-man session two days before final
12:13 Barça to appeal against Abidal red card
12:13 Exciting week ahead
11:26 “The final is the most important thing to me” video
Sunday10 23:14 Eto’o: “Winning the League is just a matter of time”
22:49 “We have to win the Cup”
22:23 One point away from the league title
21:49 Abidal and Iniesta to miss Cup Final
11:58 20 years since the Berne Cup Winners Cup Final
Saturday09 15:05 Guardiola: “We have 2 titles at stake in 4 days” video
13:53 Steve Nash: “It’s a pleasure to watch Barça play” video
13:19 Squad list announced for Villarreal clash gallery
Friday08 20:54 Eto'o: “The Pichichi is not that important to me” video
20:08 Henry a doubt for Rome
18:51 Preparing for the match ball gallery
14:52 Barça given 19,544 tickets for Euro final video
13:00 United States west coast tour 2009 gallery
Thursday07 22:32 Mr. Andrés, the discreet star gallery
18:59 English dominance broken
13:36 Rome’s Olympic Stadium welcomes the best
13:29 Iniesta: a goal to savour audio
12:57 Valdés, Touré and Iniesta, heroes of a magical night
Wednesday06 23:57 Guardiola: "This is a dream"
23:56 Iniesta: "I put my heart and soul into that shot”
23:54 Laporta delighted with final appearance
22:57 The sixth final
22:50 Alves and Abidal to miss the final
10:43 Chelsea v Barça: Did you know…?
Tuesday05 22:42 Manchester United back in the final gallery
21:09 Return to Stamford Bridge video
20:53 Guardiola: “All the Chelsea team are a danger”
20:23 Sylvinho: “We are mentally strong”
19:15 Hiddink looks for more initiative
11:59 Txiki: “we can make it to Rome” video
Monday04 21:30 Piqué: “Let’s talk about the Champions please!” video
19:51 Off to London gallery
14:44 Objective is to score at Stamford Bridge
12:30 London game key in week
12:16 Options in the defence
Sunday03 17:42 Equalling the points record
16:21 Rafael Yuste: "It is a dream come true" video
15:30 Txiki: "A day to enjoy" video
14:57 La Masia produces in the Bernabéu
13:30 International recognition
13:00 A special return gallery
Saturday02 23:47 Messi: “It was amazing” video
23:40 Barça centenary and record
23:24 Laporta: “We’re in touching distance of the title”
23:09 “We have made a lot of people very happy” video
21:36 League title five points away
13:43 Márquez, successful operation video
Friday01 16:34 Guardiola: “I want pressure” video
13:31 19 in squad for clásico gallery
10:40 Half a year at the top

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