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11.05.2009 11:26

“The final is the most important thing to me”

Miriam Nadal

Fernando Llorente is Athletic Club's main striker and is the target man that is relied upon to find important goals and he is relishing the prospect of playing in his dream final.

The lofty forward has impressed since being promoted to the Basque Country club's first-team squad and is looking forward to the challenge of playing FC Barcelona in the Copa del Rey next week, he told Barça TV.

What does the final mean to you?

"This final is the most important thing that will happen in my life. Playing in a final for Athletic Club is something that people have waited years for in Bilbao and the fact we are going to is marvellous. I am a player that has come through the ranks at Athletic Club and to play for not only the first team, but not in a cup final too is incredible and unthinkable. I am so proud and delighted with the way that the team has been playing and I hope that I can enjoy the moment.

How do you see the Athletic Club side that will take on Barça?

764Z3085_copia.jpg"Athletic Club are doing very well and playing strongly. We are a side that are united. The main characteristics of the squad is that we are all friends and there is a marvellous atmosphere. That means that when we go out to play we all do so feeling the same way."

And how does everyone see Barça there?

"Barça are unbelievable and are having an incredible season. But I agree with what Iniesta said recently when he commented that people are not talking about Barça's great season so much because of how well Real Madrid have also been doing. But I think that they have had a great season. They are the only team in Europe that can win three major honours. But I do not think that they will think our game will be easy."

What can Athletic Club achieve against Barça?

2964_70373336238_608421238_1782205_7046997_n.jpg"In a one-off game anything can happen. We have incredible supporters and in the semi final against Sevilla they lifted us. They carried us forward. If we can play like we did against Sevilla in the second game of the semi final, then we have no limits. Barça are a great side and they will be looking to win, but we will do everything we can."

Is this your best season so far in the first team?

"It has been quite a good year for me. The best I have had. I have become an international this season and I cannot ask for much more. Playing in the cup final and being an international. Many great things have happened to me and I hope to be able to keep them going."

Do you know any of the Barça players in the Spain squad and are you friends with them?

"The one that I have met before and speak to the most is Andrés Iniesta as we played together with the Under -21's, but now I am with the main squad I have met Xavi, Sergi Busquets and Gerard Piqué and I like all of them."

Looking ahead, Do you think that you will remain with Athletic Club for your entire career?

764Z3837_copia.jpg"If I continue to play at a good level then I know that there will be interested team and I do not know what could happen. I enjoy being here, but you never know what can happen in life."

You were a fan of Pep Guardiola as a player, but are you now he is a coach too?

"Pep Guardiola was a spectacular player. I liked Barça a lot then and followed the Dream Team. Now as a coach is doing a great job with Barça. It is not easy to achieve what he has. I think that it helps that he was a player there too."

Who were your football idols?

"Michael Laudrup was not a proper striker as such, but I used to watch him play and thought he was great."
“The final is the most important thing to me”

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