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05.05.2009 20:53

Guardiola: “All the Chelsea team are a danger”

Jesús Carrillo

Barca boss Josep Guardiola was full of praise for rivals Chelsea at this evening’s pre-match press conference, but he insisted his team would attack, look to control possession and go for goals.

Guardiola warned: “all the Chelsea team are a danger. They can play in many different ways and they are tactically very flexible. Drogba is very strong, the whole team harries for the ball and they know how to win it back. They are one of the most physical sides in Europe, but also play at a very high level”.

Saturday’s concentration

previachelseafcb_x6x.jpgThe boss insisted: “we must reproduce the concentration we showed on Saturday, that’s the first step to ensure we make the final. It’s no good us trying to take them on head on, they are physically stronger and bigger than us. We have to know how to read the game and play to win: attack, keep possession, go for goal – that’s how we will reach Rome”.

Henry “very doubtful”

Henry’s condition is bad news for Guardiola and he admitted: “he’s doubtful, very doubtful. We’ll see how he is tomorrow”.

How will Chelsea play?

Barca’s approach to the game may be predictable, but just how will Hiddink go into it? As far as Guardiola’s concerned: “I don’t know what he’ll do, nor do I know how the ref will do his job, what I do know is that Chelsea have many ways they can play: 4-4-1-1, as they did in Barcelona, or 4-4-2 or even 4-3-3. We won’t know till 5 minutes before kick off. What we also know is that we can’t go into the game looking to outmuscle them as if we do they will beat us”.
Guardiola: “All the Chelsea team are a danger”
Size no excuse
According to Guardiola: “the fact that the pitch is bigger or smaller will not be an excuse. If we know how to adapt ourselves to the ground, we play at pace, keep the ball away from them and play our own game then we can do something great. The only small detail against us, it’s true, is that we are playing away from home”.

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