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02.05.2009 23:47

Messi: “It was amazing”


After winning the clásico by a devastating 2-6, Leo Messi said he was delighted with the result and that “we produced the kind of football Barça have been playing all season. Good football and lots of goals”.

Leo Messi was convinced that Saturday’s win at the Santiago Bernabéu was a major step forward for FC Barcelona’s League aspirations. “We knew that if we won we’d practically be champions”. But the man who scored two of the goals tonight also said that “last year it was us who suffered and this season it is us who are enjoying ourselves. It’s been amazing.”

The following are some of the others comments made by the Barça players:

Carles Puyol

“I think it went very well for us. We did start out losing, but we never got nervous.”

WEB_11.jpg“It is a very good result against our main opponent. It hasn’t won us the League, but it was an important step forward. I am sure the Madrid players will be affected by a result like this.”

“The goal I scored came from a move we practiced with Tito Vilanova just before we came on, and only Xavi, Piqué and me knew about it.”

“We deserved a game like that because the team has been playing so well this season.”

“There was loads of euphoria and celebrations in the dressing room, but we are well aware that we still have some important games ahead of us.”

Dani Alves

“With this team we can play against whoever you want, because we always provide a response.”

“We have a highly optimistic coach and he told us that whatever we did, we had to keep our order. The team knew where to be in the middle of the field, and in the end we thrashed Madrid.”

“We know that mathematically we have to keep working and get some more points before we win the league. That’s our objective.”

“After the result last year, we had a thorn in our sides”

Thierry Henry

“We wanted to win here, and we won with our heads. We wanted to win after what happened here last year, it was a difficult time for Barça fans, we wanted to do something big, and we did it.”

“There are four games left and we have a seven point lead. We still have a fight.”

“Against Chelsea we’ll have to play another incredible game.”

“We are a team that always fights. After we went 1-0 down, we didn’t know how things would end. So we had to fight, and away from home too.”

“You always have to make the most of a game here. There are four games and twelve points left. And we also have to go to London.”

“I have played for Barça for two years and wearing this shirt is sensational. Winning against Madrid, too.”

Andrés Iniesta

“We came to the Bernabéu, we played good football, 2-6... you can’t ask for more.”

“I’m thrilled that Canaletes is almost full, because the people suffer and miss their supper when the team loses. I am happy things went well and we have made them happy.”

Gerard Piqué

rm-fcb26_x27x.jpg“It is not a mathematical win, but we are certainly on the right track. Now we just have to enjoy the moment.”

“Today’s result was historic, like the 0-5 in 1974. Barça fans will always remember it.”

“My goal was the result of a forty metre move, and I managed to score. It was a very important moment for me, I felt an adrenaline buzz.”

“We’ll go to Chelsea looking for the win like we did today. It’s the only way we know.”
Messi: “It was amazing”

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Next training, Monday at 18.00
Josep Guardiola’s players will have a day off on Sunday. The next training session will be on Monday at 18.00, when the squad will start getting ready for the semi finals of the Champions League against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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