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25.05.2009 10:48

Albertini shows us Rome


Demetrio Albertini used to play for Milan and Barça as well as a number of other teams, and he is now vice-president of the Italian Football Federation. Its headquarters being in Rome means he knows the eternal city like the back of his hand.

Through the club’s website, www.fcbarcelona.cat, Demetrio Albertini, current vice-president of the Italian Football Federation, shows us all the must-visit spots in Rome to make sure you have a great day out. His tips are bound to be useful to members and fans travelling to Italy this week.

Where do you live in Rome?

“In the Parioli district.”

Which three places do you just have to see in Rome if you’ve only got a day to visit the city? Why?

1.jpg“I think the three are the Coliseum, the Piazza di Spagna and the Fontana di Trevi. Why? Because the Coliseum is history, the Piazza di Spagna is the heart of the city and of fashion, and the Fontana di Trevi is the most famous fountain in the world. Plus everyone has to throw a coin into it in the hope of coming back to Rome. But at any event it’s impossible to see all the city’s sights in just one day.”

Where would you recommend for having lunch?

“The Trastévere neighbourhood, where there are all kinds of restaurants and you can find traditional dishes alongside international cuisine.”

And if you want to have a drink?

“In Piazza Campo dei Fiori, on Via Veneto and in Piazza Navona.”

Where can you get the best view of the city from?

“From Gianicolo and the Parco degli Aranci, which is in the Aventino district.”

What’s the best place to go shopping?

5.jpg“In Piazza di Spagna there’s Vía Condotti and Vía Frattina, plus all the other streets around that area. But there are also other retail streets such as Vía Cola di Rienzo, which is near the Vatican.”

In what ways are Barcelona and Rome similar?

“They have very similar climates and tourists all year round.”
Albertini shows us Rome
The ground for the final
How would you describe Rome’s Olympic Stadium?

“It is an historic setting in the history of the sport. At a personal level it is also full of memories for me and forms part of my life. And on 27 May it will be the venue for the Champions League final between two teams one of which I have in my heart.”

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