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15.05.2009 14:11

Messi, Henry and Puyol reveal values


Leo Messi, Thierry Henry and Carles Puyol have taken part in a FIFA solidarity campaign, making a call for ‘Football for Health'.

After training on Friday, Leo Messi, Thierry Henry and Carles Puyol once again showed their caring side. The three Barça stars recorded a message for the FIFA ‘Football for Health' campaign in which eleven major players make eleven calls for different values.

Balanced diet, gender equality and hygiene

Messi spoke about a balanced diet, Henry called for respect for women and girls, and Puyol referred to the importance of personal hygiene.

The other participants in this FIFA message are Drogba and Essien (Chelsea), Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United), Kolo Touré (Arsenal), Kaka (Milan), Buffon (Juventus), England manager Fabio Capello and Brazil’s women’s international Marta.
Messi, Henry and Puyol reveal values
The eleven values
- For people to play football.

- Respect for women and girls.

- Protection against AIDS.

- Avoiding use of drugs and alcohol.

- Use of networks to avoid malaria.

- Personal hygiene.

- Drinking clean water.

- A balanced diet.

- Using vaccines.

- Medical prescriptions.

- Fair-play.

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