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05.05.2009 19:15

Hiddink looks for more initiative

Marc Guillén

Guus Hiddink admitted: “as a lover of football I enjoyed very much the way they (Barca) played against Madrid”, but added: “it’s different circumstances for the game tomorrow”, whilst stressing it would be a game of both the head and the heart.

Hiddink revealed he’d looked very carefully at the Nou Camp game last week and although he was happy with the tactics he admitted that at times Barca’s style meant his team lost the initiative, something he aims to turn around on Wednesday night. The Dutchman also admitted this might be the last chance his present group of players had to challenge for Europe’s top prize.

Interchanging positions

Hiddink enjoyed Barca’s performance on Saturday and explained that the key to Guardiola’s team’s success was that: “they have a lot of circulation in their positions”. It’s Barca’s mobility that the Chelsea boss knows is dangerous and he admitted: “we’ll have to match that ourselves”.

Drogba out to make up for Nou Camp miss

Chelsea hit man Didier Drogba also faced the media and confessed he was: ”a bit frustrated” at failing to put away his chance last week in the Nou Camp, but is determined to put that right on Wednesday when he may well be partnered up front by Anelka, about which the Ivory Coast striker claimed: “we showed the manager we can play together (at the weekend against Fulham), now he has to make a decision”.

Whilst admitting Barca have the front men to score bags of goals, Drogba insisted: “they have Messi, Henry and Eto’o, but we have more men who can score goals – the danger can come from any position”.
Hiddink looks for more initiative
Barca complaints about the ref
The English media pushed the Chelsea representatives about the Barca reaction to last week’s reffing, but Drogba reckoned the ref was “good”, adding: “they didn’t score last week, so maybe they wanted to put pressure on the ref for the return game”. For his part, Hiddink pleaded with eth English press not to overstress Barca’s reaction, claiming they may have reacted in the heat of the moment atteh end of the game.

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